Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Belated New Years!

Here are the goals
that I made last New Years 
that I have completed this year!
(Why linger on the ones I haven't kept up with...?)

-Take Vitamins daily
-See an academic advisor at Douglas College to see how many courses I need to finish my degree
-Finish my travel scrapbooks (New Orleans and UK) before I venture on new trips around the globe (Mediterranean and San Fran)
-Get my hot air balloon tattoo!
-Attend more clubs : Books, Pen pal, Knitting... etc
-Make more crafts : Bath Bombs, Wine, Blogging ;)... etc
-Mechanical Bull Ride
-Knit a cardigan

Now for this year I hope to...

-Ride a horse for the first time
-Dress up and go to the race tracks
-Start my own knitting group
-Knit my first pair of socks
-Knit mustard yellow cable knit leg warmers
-Get my N
-Have a special date night at least once a week!
-Make more often for others
-Practice random acts of kindness more often for friends and strangers
-Finish cutting out and sewing my heart quilt
-Scrap book Europe and San Fran trips
-Learn how to fix my own knitting mistakes
-Fly in a hot air balloon
-Read more than watch movies
-Attend more local shows in my neighbourhood
-Make more dates with girlfriends
-Move out on my own this year!
-Attend a pottery class
-Get Hot Air Balloon tattoo finished

   It looks like I really have my work cut out for me... 
but it all the best ways possible!
What new years resolutions have you made?
Love Britt