Thursday, April 28, 2011

Resolutions Renewed

 As I am starting on the spring cleaning of my home, heart, and body, I thought this would be a good time to look back on my New Years Resolutions and see what I have completed and what changes need to be made...

 -Continue to work out at the gym every day except Sundays (with exceptions for pain, crunched time, and holidays) 
      Well this one kinda fell by the wayside... I again am feeling unmotivated by the gym, as I can't imagine descending down into the depths of its dungeon layer, when it is getting to be so beautiful outside... so I instead plan on buying a new bike to continue my workouts.

-With that try to fit yoga back into my life again and create a new regime for myself 
      My physiotherapist Kat, whole heartily recommends that I work on this one, and now that I have moved around the furniture in my room to allow for me to do it at home, I think I am really going to focus on this goal (I'm also taking a class with the lovely Vanessa tomorrow)

-Take Vitamins daily (however insignificant this one may sound, its really important to note) 
        Trying to... and now that I am feeling a bit sick I will push myself a bit more...

-See an academic advisor at Douglas College to see how many courses I need to finish my degree
        Just need to get together with my friend Dave for me to work on this one... still not sure if I am going to go back to Douglas though....

-Try again to register for the Sign Language course at VCC for their Summer semester 
        I tried to but the course was Mon - Fri 9 -2 which would have made my life a living hell...

        HELLS YA I DID! And I will be going again next year :)

-Get up on the Vancouver Poetry Slam stage at least once this year 
        Still need to work on this one...

-Finish my travel scrapbooks (New Orleans and UK) before I venture on new trips around the globe (Mediterranean and San Fran) 
         Done and Done! And going to San Fran in two weeks!

-Get my hot air balloon tattoo! 
         YAY! Did this one too! But still deciding if I want to get colour on it

-Attend more classes : Sewing, Pottery... etc 
          Did a sewing class, and tried to start pottery but it didn't work with timing of trips...

-Attend more clubs : Books, Pen pal, Knitting... etc
           I've been having craft nights at my house regularly, started my own Female Empowerment Club (more on this later)

-Make more crafts : Bath Bombs, Wine, Blogging ;)... etc
           Ive been blogging more this year, and most doing more crafts in general which is so lovely. I totally blame it on the fact that I have a lovely craft area in my living room, which allows me to see on my on going projects!

For this summer I am looking to add the following goals:
-Start my Etsy shop
-Make business cards
-Ride a mechanical bull
-Ride in a hot air balloon (if I can find the money to)
-Go go kart racing
-Yarn Bomb
-Continue on with my lovely garden and with beautifying the back yard
(ie. painting the picnic table and the fire escape..)

What are your goals for the summer?
Have you worked on your resoultions?

Love Nymph

Shoulder Blade Renewal

My shoulder blade has been increasing its level of pain for the last 3 years...
I cannot recall the cause of this pain, 
but do recall always having a burning sensation 
under the blade for most of my adult life.

Twice a year it creeps up into my neck 
and causes it to stay rigid and sore for at least 2 days...
the first time was on my 21st birthday...

Two days ago was my first physiotherapy appointment,
where I went in to get my shoulder assessed and learn some moves to aid my renewal.
She ran her hands beside my spine and found my center of pain,
and the specific spot on my left side which burns the brightest.

Apparently there is a mountain of tension under there 
and a weakness that needs some work physically.
Years of built up aggression,
and carrying the burdens of the past.

Totally understandable...
I think I carry a lot of pain in my back, 
and not just stopping there, 
but in my whole body for that matter...
my weight,
my moods,
my confidence...
All carried with my on a day to day basis.

But lets just start with my back pain...
She recommended that I try IMS needles (Intermuscular Stimulation)
which go into the muscles in my back similar to Acupuncture
but the needles only stay in for 30 seconds and get moved around in the muscle
to cause little holes, where healing can occur.
So I agreed to do them if she thought it would help,
even though I am not really comfortable with the idea of needles 
(you would never tell by looking at me with my piercings and tattoos :P).

About halfway through the first set of needles,
I told her that I was feeling nauseous...
and then I needed to stop as I felt as though I was going to faint,
which is a pretty common feeling for me in situations like this.
So I sat up, had some water and then we agreed to continue on with my neck area.

About two needles in, I almost passed out again,
and had to stop the procedure all together as I couldn't see properly 
and had lost all colouring and blood from my face.

All yesterday the pain was intense.
I still went to work,
and whenever I had to turn and pick up peoples groceries,
I felt it immensely in my shoulder and back...
I went through the day in the foulest mood,
and couldn't shake the feeling that I was bringing up all these "pains" 
from the past. 

Finally the pain dulled, after I had a hot candlelit bath after work,
and then promptly had a nap for two hours in my towel.
And today the pain is back to its normal state, but a little more loose, 
which is very promising.

I have an appointment for more physio on the 10th,
and I think I will just go in more some basic massage and strength training,
and leave the needles for now.

Overall I am just glad that I am actually moving in the right direction
towards sorting out my shoulder injury,
as I have been carrying it for way too long.

Has anyone ever overcome any long term injuries like this?
Does anyone have any that they still need to work out?

Love Nymph

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Feeding the Seeds of Change

Happy Easter Weekend!
Are you going to be painting eggs and going on chocolate hunts this weekend?
Anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Easter Bunny?
Attending Easter masses?

Even though I have been working most of the weekend,
I have been cultivating the holiday spirit where ever I can...
-Cooking a Maundy Thursday Setter Meal with my Mother at our church on Thursday for a crowd of 60
-Attending my best friend Karina's boyfriend Geoff's, Jazz program graduation
-Scourging the next door yard for gardening supplies since the house is now set for demolition,
and finding a new compost bin, garden pots, and a fire place that we set up last night 
with cozy beers, and oreos
-Reading bunny and chick kids picture books from the library with my love
-And of course painting Easter eggs with my adorable room mate Terri <3

And then of course I am going to be having a big Easter dinner at my folks 
place on Sunday evening, 
which my other best friend Chelsea is going to be attending,
who I haven't had the pleasure of seeing since September 
since she has been in Japan since then.
What a relief it is to have her back home,
and I can't wait to scoop her up and cuddle her.

Hope you all enjoy the spring weekend in your own way,
Lots of love and happiness to you all,
Love Britt
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo etc.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Flying on Springs Wings

I can't believe its already the 20th of April...
I can't believe Spring is already taking hold, and summer is just around the river bend...
I haven't written in a bit as I have misplaced my camera for the time being, and although I have hope that it will come back to me soon, I have lost with it my inspiration for blogging....
On a whole I have been feeling uninspired lately and I have been feeling the need for some big change, to come into my life and hit me like a wave of sunshine to wash away these blues....
I am on the lookout for this sign...
Awaiting for this change...
Its been really hard seeing all my close friends around me globetrotting and following their bliss....
two to london and europe, another back to montreal.... changes changes changes....
I need a change....
come hit me....
i'm here...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Eat Pray Love

          Last night I went and saw Elizabeth Gilbert speak at the Centre for Performing Arts here in Vancouver. Unless you have been living under a rock for the last year and a half, you have surely heard of her bestselling novel "Eat, Pray, Love" (or at least heard of the movie adaptation where she is played by the iconic Julia Roberts :P).
           Going in with unexpected free front row seats from my best friend, and into a room chalk full of women of varying ages and statures,  I didn't really know what to expect. What would an award winning author tell all of us ladies searching for a experience like the one that she had in her novel, one full of change and ultimately the renewal of oneself.
            If you have truly been living under a rock for some time now and don't know what this phenomenon called "Eat, Pray, Love" is all about, then let me fill you in just a little bit. Its the memoir of Elizabeth's journey from being an unhappily married women stuck in the perfect life that she knew she was not meant to live. From there diving head first into a divorce that stripped her bear of all she had (not to mention all her money and assets), and then receiving the opportunity to write about a trip that she was to go on for 9 months and explore this new live she has just created.
            The book documents her first living in Italy gorging on amazing Italian eats for 3 months, then jetting off to India for 3 months to stay in a Ashram to study meditation and yoga. Then she finally gets to Bali for the last 3 months of her trip, learning from a wise medicine man and in the end surprising herself by learning how to love again.
Now what do you tell a whole 
concert hall full of 
thousands of women all eager to 
do the same in their lives? 
                         She walked out on stage bearing no makeup and her hair in a messy bun, showing that she was just one of the ladies and no "Julia". And as soon as she started talking with the same quick wit that she explores in her books we all felt at ease.
                         "Oh, I see a man in the audience..." She exclaimed. "Did you know what was going on here tonight? Did anyone tell you? Did you get dragged along?"
                          For the next hour and a half she dazzled us with her humble nature and made us laugh with her stories in her climb to becoming a published author. There were a couple of key points that I took away from her talk :
That it is important to find beauty in the world around you everyday.
Even if it is just something small, know that there are always signs.
In the words of my love Nate,
"The signs are all around us."
And if you can't see anything to be grateful for
then uproot yourself and give yourself a little shake of change.

If you feel bouts of depression coming on
Be not idle
Be not solitary
Go, do, be, create
Be with family, make friends,
take up a hobby or craft you have been meaning to explore.
Just don't sit there and let the demons creep in and crush your spirit
Do anything.

And on that note 
Just know that everything is going to be ok
And take comfort in the fact that you are exactly
where you are meant to be at this very moment.
Embrace that and don't kick yourself for the things you can't change,
and make differences in the things that you can.

                      She didn't tell us to leave our partners and run off to an Ashram. Instead she gave us eager ladies of the audience a sense of direction and a feeling of ease in our own lives. We may not have a movie made of our lives, but we sure know how to live it.

Love Nymph
                     xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo etc...                   

Monday, April 4, 2011

State Of Mind

Every morning this past weekend, I have awoken with a sunny disposition on life, and because of that I have completely turned around my days.
No matter if I awake to my alarm clock at 7 and have to rush out of bed to work, or if I have the entire day to my own fancy, I start off the day with a smile and the mantra that....

"Today is going to be spectacular!"

I carry that carefree smile on my face for the rest of the day and have seen the following results :

-Strangers telling me I'm beautiful (one in particular called me a "Beautiful Celtic Princess")
-Getting free gifts from customers and friends (I received free movie tickets last week and free tickets to see Elizabeth Gilbert read tomorrow)
-Receiving smiles back from random strangers and not having so many cranky customers
-and just in general loving my body and myself more 

I can't believe what a difference a different attitude will get you!
Just try it! What do you got to lose?

Love Nymph
p.s. I had an amazing photo shoot with 
my dear friend Wai-Lee yesterday, 
she has the ability to make me feel absolutely 
comfortable in my own skin and hold nothing back!  
I am so lucky to have her as a friend!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bucket list to complete before I'm 30

This is what I have so far for my 
Bucket List to complete before I am 30

Participate in the World Naked Bike Ride
Walk across hot coals
Gorilla Garden
Knit Bomb
Start my own etsy shop
Knit a cardign
Sky Dive
Ride a horse
Ride a mechanical bull
Ride a elephant
Ride in a hot air balloon
Perform at the Taboo Review
Walk through a cemetary at night
Peform at Poetry Slam
Go to a rollar disco
Take a pole dancing class
Play rollar derby
Go go-kart racing
Learn how to hula hoop
Work on a farm for at least a month
Live in a city other than Vancouver for a month

*A bunch of these I hope to complete this summer!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Another day, another week, and i'm feeling fine!

Here's a quick recap of my week :

I went to an amazing show with my man,
at Nouvelle Nouvelle in Gastown.
This in itself is an interesting space,
as it is a hip clothing store turned
studio/concert space when it needs to be.
I only got to stay for the first three acts 
but they were everything I had hoped for.
Low tempo, ambient sound,
acoustic beats...
My idea of a good concert.
But alas I had other plans for the night 
and headed off to the Rio for a 
midnight showing for the Rocky Horror Picture show!

We had all the props except for two,
and managed to get front row seats, 
to avoid getting the backlash of all the toilet paper,
rice, water, confetti, toast, ex-cetra being thrown at us.
My sister and I, are pretty much Rocky Horror pros's by this point :)

After a lovely sleepover in my bed,
we awoke early the next morning and ventured
to the Winter Farmers market,
in search of plants and hummas!

Then I went home and rested before a long night at the debauchery
at the Work Less Party!
Good times are always to be had,
with intense dancing sessions, body painting, and a kink room to boot.
The night couldn't have gone better.

We ventured to Coquitlam for lunch with Nates folks

I really really love them!
Even when they started asking when
I was going to make some Grandbabies for them...
"All of our friends have grandchildren..."

A customer gave me free tickets to this movie
Which scared the crap out of me and my best friend Karina!
I ended up grabbing onto any part of her that I could,
usually her hand as a shield against the demons on screen,
and accidentally biting her hand...
So glad I didn't end up going alone,
or I might have had to walk out....

I went and saw the Burlesque and
Improv show that my friend Daniel Chai produces
which was amazing as always.
If you live in Vancouver,
here's the poster for the next one coming up in April.

Is fast becoming our
weekly board games date night at my house.
Even though I have so many exciting things going on in my week
this is probably the activity that I treasure the most!

We played the longest game of "Pirates of the Caribbean - Life" that I had ever encountered,
and drank rock creeks to our content into the night.

What is your favorite game?
What do you love to do?
What were your "roses" of the week?

Lots of love my lovely friends,
I'm off to go and check out some belly dancing
at the local Greek food restaurant with my man!

Love Nymph
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo etc...