Monday, May 28, 2012

Rainy Day

I went away on a lovely 5 day vacation to Victoria, Salt Spring and Tofino, with my best friend Karina last week... (This is what we look like normally...)

(And this is what we look like when we have a case of the late night giggles.... )
 It was an amazing trip away with gorgeous sights...
 Cathedral Grove
Amazing Adventures (Ucluelet)
And making new friends :)

Even though it was a great vacation, I have been feeling pretty worn out since I got back,
as I have been going non stop with something lovely every night, 
so my "to do" list just kept getting bigger and bigger...

So last night a spent the evening in and worked on
completing everything that I had let stewing on the back burner...
Like planning a spa night, a soup social night, and my mother's 50th birthday party...
(Yup, my life is pretty busy!)
And then rewarded my self with making some strawberry rhubarb crumble ;)

This morning I awoke to a lovely gloomy day in Vancouver,
which was actually perfect for my needs to 
visit the gym, the library, and a cafe for some reading times,
and also to work on a couple of projects at home...
Ive been working on my third quilt (which I will show more of once I get more done on it)
and I also made this awesome card for my dad's birthday!
 My Dad's really into the Muppets :) 

Hopefully you are all having a lovely rainy day, 
relaxing with your crafts and loved ones! 

Love Britt

Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Day In the Life

Yesterday I woke up early and decided to document 
my entire day with photographs...
Here's how it turned out...

As I mentioned before I have been on a major smoothie kick,
so upon waking at 7:45
  I jumped out of bed eager for 
my liquid fix.
With our on and again, off again, 
roommate currently inhabiting our couch,
I grabbed to blender and quietly dragged it off to my room 
for some incognito pureeing action.

It was at the point when I was silently sipping away on
my blended fruit and spinach, 
that I got a message from my boss stating that since the
paper presses had been down all night,
I would have to start my delivery route later than expected.
With that little slice of heavenly knowledge I decided to make the most of 
my morning off and dive into completing my teacup candles :) 

9 am
As most of you that know me know,
that I am vying for the Domestic Goddess award 
for the "perfect Suzy homemaker qualities
displayed in one women alone" category, 
and am never without a craft on the go.
That being said my most recent endeavor 
(other than working on knitting my second cardigan)
is making teacup candles for my churches spring tea coming up
later this month. I have also donated for the event, some knitted dishcloths 
(my first foray into knitting) and more recently some mug sleeves.

9:45 am
With still no word from my manager, 
I decided to tend to my little fire escape garden patch of
kale sprouts...
And submerged my new bonsai in water :)

10 am
Then I crawled back in bed to devour
my book "Kafka on the Shore"
which "I know, I know, I can't believe I'm not done it yet too!..."
But it really is getting good right now and I am loving every 
minute I get to spend with it.

By 11:45 am I was off starting my paper route

Saw many lovely dogs along the way...
I seem to always see brown labs on my route,
I think it is because I really want to own one 
someday :)
 And this is my favorite dog on my route 
name Harley.

My break (at around 1pm) 
Is always taken in the same place
where I get to sit in a cozy chair,
fill my water bottle, 
and lay out my lunch and book...

The rest of my route went as follows...
This is my favorite flower!
This is the face that delivers your papers!
(The people who I deliver to, are always impressed that
I am continuously smiling rain or shine!)
This is one of my lovely paper route friends...
Almost done! Last pick up!
4:25 pm all done!
Then walked over the lovely and scenic 
Granville Street Bridge
Over the ever beautiful Granville Island
(where I might start working next week!)

With some extra time before my volunteer shift
I snuck in another reading break in the park

5:30 pm
A short shift at my weekly
gig at the Cinematheque :)

7:30 pm
I left early to attend my oh so loved
but rarely attended by me
Penpal writing club, 
at Regional Assembly Of Text on Main St.

I started my night off in the tiny room under the stairs
with the tiny bench, and tiny trillions of zines.
And then made my way out to the click
clacking gaggle of typing machinery's,
 and found an empty on to pump out some words on.
I decided to start a
"Things to do before I'm Thirty" List
(can you make out any words? The ribbon ink was on an all time low)

It was there at the club,
that I met a lovely lady and gentleman, 
who where educating me on the 
existence of a poetry depository tube in the neighbourhood,
 where you put a poem into the suction tube,
and take one at random for your reading pleasure
On a lovely whim of human engagement,
I chose to follow this pairing of friends 
to the tube around 8:40
It was starting to get dark, 
but we still managed to find this small hole in the ground,
even though I am not sure if I would have even noticed it there if
I wasn't physically guided to its whereabouts.
Otherwise it just looks like the top of some pipe,
with slabs of decorative slate around it.

Afterwards we went back to the gentleman
Tynan's place for some tea and citrus salsa :)

There aren't many of those moments in life
where you get the chance to say yes
to taking random strangers up on their offers
to go on an adventure...
I am glad to say that I am always up for those moments
when they arise :)

10:45 pm
I got a ride home from my new friend Jen,
and was greeted by my man for some cuddles,
and movie watching
But before we drifted off to sleep 
I documented the contents of my backpack
from my day out and about..
Other than the regular items like my cell phone,
wallet, keys, and book...
I also carry everyday :
-my reusable bag
-mom-made toque
-lipsticks/chap stick
-my water bottle 
And yesterday I added :
 -extra clothes for my route
-a can of coke I got for free for Nate
-my pen pal writing supplies
-cliff bars (I'm addicted!)
-and lunch Tupperware

Well that's all folks,
thanks for exploring my day with me,
how was your Thursday?

Love Britt
xoxoxo etc...