Monday, February 25, 2013

Book Lover

One of my favorite pastimes as of late
is going to the library,
perusing the children's books
and hand picking a couple of treasures to take home with me.

 Nate and I love to indulge in bed time reading sessions together...

There is nothing more special then curling up at the end of the night, 
and getting tucked into dream land by the voice of the man you love.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Charlie Chaplin

As you might have noticed if you have been following my blog for a few years,
I love having themed birthday parties! 

My first was a "Disney" themed birthday party :

Then a "Magical Forest" party :

 Then a "Circus" themed party :

Then last year, was my "Up in the air" party...

Then that brings us up to date with my "Silent Movie" themed birthday last Friday :)

(Photo Credit for all the Silent Movie action shots : Greg McKinnon)
My friends really dressed to the occasion,
and helped warm my tiny apartment :) 
One of my friends in particular went above the call of duty for the party, 
and painted his face to look like he just stepped out of a black and white film...
It was pretty amazing!
I actually kicked him when I saw him 
because I was so excited and didn't know how else to react!

Wow! That was a trip down memory lane ;)
Now off to study for my Geology midterm tomorrow,
wish me luck! 

- Love Britt

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Photo Day

Some mornings I wake up and just know it is going to be a "Photo Day". I am not one to go about my day snapping photos of all I see, but some days I can just feel it in my bones, that driving force to capture beauty. It is quite like the thrill I feel for picking up the wooden tips of my knitting needles, or sitting in front of a sewing machine with a pinned project in my hands... I know something beautiful is going to come from it.

Last night I had my "Silent Movie" themed birthday party (which I will hopefully get photos up of later), but for right now I will start with the aftermath, for that is how I begun my day....

This may sounds weird but here goes... I kinda get a sick satisfaction about wandering around the aftermath of a party I've hosted... I get really excited to check out what people were drinking, see what they left behind, and find strange things out of place (like my fake mustache on the fridge, and spoons used for microphones by the record player). I love all of that. You can't be everywhere at a party, and this is my way to fully take it all in without all the chaos.
 My new favorite mug from my favorite lady <3
My new favorite tights <3

Wanderings and Farmers Market
(The last two photos were taken by a lovely,
and very precise stranger, 
who had a knack for photography)

 Picked up a new air plant terrarium for my window!

I indulged on leftover cheese plate goodies,
and the rest of the amazing film version of "Perfume".

After finishing getting my apartment back in order,
I hit a comedy showcase with one of my girlfriends,
and came back home to a relaxing night in :) 
 Now back to letter writing,
and bed times!
Good night beautiful people!
What did you do today?