Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Female Empowerment Group

Over the last 4 months I have been working on a very exciting new project
that I would like to share with you...

Its known as my Female Empowerment Group,
 and really nothing makes me happier than starting something 
like this that I can share with the women in my life.

The idea came from attending a "Power of Pussy",
with a couple of my girlfriends from work.
In the session, we learned about the history of female sexuality exportation and sex toys, 
as well as we got to open up about our own sexual history and stories about our vagina's.
I learned first hand the variety of stories that one small group 
could have concerning their own sexual pasts,
by doing a "yes or no" type game with varying questions. 
As well as learning how large the variety of shapes and sizes of women's vagina's could be,
by getting each women present to show a picture from the book "Petals"
that looks most like their own pussy. 

The class was such an eye opener for me, 
that a group of strangers could get together and learn to be so intimate
and open with each other was so wonderful and freeing. 

It was truly something that I had never experienced before...
Sure I have sex discussions with girlfriends freely, 
and have done my dose of burlesque and nude modeling...
But none of that made me feel as beautiful and powerful as sitting in that room,
surrounded by such a variety of women from all walks of life, 
and discussing our vagina's. 

That night, my two girlfriends and I, who had attended the class,
went out for dinner and tried brainstorming of how we could get more of that empowering feeling. 

It started off with an idea to have two nights:

1.) A paint a portrait of your pussy night : 
where everyone does just that, 
paints a canvas of their pussy. 


2.) Hosting an Art of Loving Seminar at my home :
With this we weren't sure which class we were going to choose,
 but finally decided on "G-Spots and Female Ejaculation" 
(the others were "Having a great orgasm" and "Giving Good Head").

Both of these nights I am pleased to say that we have now had,
as well as a Bondage tutorial night,
and tonight will be our much anticipated 
Nude Still Life Drawing Night 
where 3-4 of the girls will be modeling for us.

The group has been meeting once a month,
and averaging 8 women per session, 
(always with some different members).

They have been held and organized by yours truly, 
and I am LOVING being able to bring this into the lives of the women in my circle.

We have another night planned for July 3rd :
Which is a photo shoot with my Photographer friend 
Amanda Bullick and her company "Brutally Beautiful",
and my Designer friend Ash Turner and her company "Mechanic Organic".
The idea is to showcase the Female Empowerment group,
as well as the talented Amanda and Ash for their portfolio's as well :)

Our night ideas for the future are :
-Safe Kinks
-Sew Vagina Pillows
-Tantric Sex Workshop
-Pole Dancing
-Birthing knowledge

and maybe even shoot so high as :
-Weekend getaways
-Art shows
-Our own hosted seminars for larger groups

Who knows right, you have to always dream big in this world :)
Does anyone have any ideas, thoughts or comments about the group?
Or even know of any way that I can someday make this into a career?
 Thanks and keep on dreaming
<3 Nymph

Monday, June 20, 2011

Cleansing from the Inside Out

Today is a day for cleansing!

I've spent the whole morning cleaning out every nook and cranny of my home,
starting with the kitchen, 
then making my way into the way ward craft corner (which had gotten a little out of hand),
and finally into my sanctuary of a room....

I've rid my self of even more clothes, books, and craft supplies, 
and started to prepare myself for my swap and garage sale next Sunday. 

Just when you think there is nothing more to get rid of you run your hands across 
an old dress that never fit you right, 
and poof!
Its in a pile of giveaways on the floor. 

I started really looking into my reasoning for this need to purge 
over the last couple of months and have come up with the following reasons :

1.) Searching for change:

Change has been a really big word for me in the last year,
as I have felt like I am on the cusp of something big.
With living on my own for almost a year now, 
comes the idea,
"What else can I do for myself?"
Which explains my inherent need to have an on going bucket list, 
(I just completed another one last weekend when I participated in the World Naked Bike Ride!)
and explains the constant search for signs of my purpose in life.

2.) Yearning to travel:

This one is kinda a no brainer.
The less stuff I have the more easier it is going to be if I want to uproot myself and travel.
Which is what I ultimately want to do...
even though sometimes I don't feel like I have the courage to really do on my own. 
I've never lived any where else 
and I would love to be able to do this for myself while I am still young.
Even if it is just taking baby steps for the time being,
like going on an over night trip to a cottage on the island by myself,
I think it is really important to start looking towards. 
(This song always runs through my head when thinking about this)

3.) Growing up:

A lot of the things I am getting rid of are things that I hold onto,
because I never really think to get rid of them.
Old clothes, cards, books, that I have mentally and physically outgrow,
but never really acknowledge as being not useful to me anymore. 
I couldn't believe how many things I had just held onto out of habit,
more than need or want.

It relates back to the fact that I am constantly wanting growth in my life
so I am searching even in my material possessions for things that are holding me back
from achieving that growth. 
Its a simpler path than looking into what holds me back emotionally,
but in reality both need some dusting.


Nate and I are also on day 1 of our 12 day cleanse today,
so I have been looking into how my body feels today,
eating healthier and much lighter than normal.

I'm also looking into trying to get more exercise into my daily life again,
but I am looking more into the idea of biking, yoga and dance classes, 
than my regular approach to exercise at the gym 
(although I think I am going to do some of that as well).

With the bike ride on Saturday for 3 hours, and dancing for 2 hours in the street yesterday,
for Commercial Drives Car free days,
I am off to a good start. 
And since its sunny now,
I think I am going to go and get a nice bike ride in before I make myself some cleanse
friendly foods for dinner. 

Hope you all had a great weekend, 
and that your gardens are growing triumphantly!

Love Nymph
xoxoxoxoxoxo etc...

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Oh my what a plush patch of radish leaves!...

Holy Moly! What is that!
Radishes ready for the picking!
My first radish from my very own garden,
and it was the tastiest one I've ever had!
Nate and I are going to pick a bunch on Tuesday,
and eat them with our roasted garlic, and asparagus,
gnocchi Alfredo pasta! Yum yum yum!

But for now I am going to go and perch in my new hammock chair,
that I got off craigslist for our fire escape :)
xoxoxoxo etc.


It was very suiting that I was reading 
Elizabeth Gilbert's latest book
on my 2 year anniversary vacation.
The book takes place just where her bestselling 
"Eat, Pray, Love" 
left off, where she has met her Brazilian lover Felipe,
and you are left with the question,
"What next?"

Truth be told I was a little hesitant about reading
this book.
I loved Eat Pray Love a lot
and I didn't really want the sequel to ruin it.
But after hearing Ms. Gilbert,
talk about it in person,
I was eager to see what it was like.

At the starting of the book,
Felipe and Liz, are happily living in Philadelphia
together, but after continuously having Felipe
leave the country to comply with a 3 month maximum
visa restriction, he is taken into custody by the
U.S. Immigration Officials. 

Even though what they were doing was technically legal,
he was being held by homeland security, and not allowed back in the States.
The only way that they would be able to have their life back would be if,
they decided to get married, which is something that they had swore against doing again.

The book is then set during their journey backpacking across Southeast Asia,
where they are together until they get their papers in order to get married back in the states.
All the while Elizabeth, is learning from different cultures what it means to be married,
and studying the history of marriage itself.

The book is more or less a history of marriage,
than a sequel to Eat Pray Love,
which is in my opinion a better option for readers.
We still get the story of what happens to her and her to be husband,
without all the wishy washy forays into her love life.
We get to trade that for a history of love,
in its many accounts around the world.

I really enjoyed the book,
and promptly finished it on the trip.
And I hope that you consider checking it out, now that
you know that its not just know as the sequel to a bestselling novel,
but a whole other story on its own to be told :)

Love Nymph
p.s. What books have you been getting your kicks on

Bowen Island Magic

Last week Nate and I, went on a much needed 3 days getaway to Bowen Island
where we staying in a bed and breakfast (called the Island Thyme) 
for our 2 year anniversary!

(Me in my "Easter egg" flannel PJ's)

We had our private suite, with a full kitchen, sunroom dining area,
soaker tub, fireplace, massive king sized bed, 
and a whole wall of windows that overlooked the gorgeous moss garden 
and forest below us :)

I really couldn't have dreamt of a better trip for the two of us to take together...
We watched the hockey game in town with the locals 
(since the Canucks are playing in the finals for the Stanley Cup),
went on a 4 hour hike up the side of a mountain and back along the main road, 
unaware of which direction we were going, but having faith on our instincts to guide us home.

We spent a whole afternoon reading novels, 
teaching each other card games, 
and playing scrabble by candlelight.
It was only the second time I have ever beat him at Scrabble!

Nate made us breakfast each morning in our sunroom, 
and I got to make him coffee for the first time
(we don't live together and I don't drink coffee,
but I want to be able to do this simple task for him down the line when we do ;).

We practiced yoga together on the spacious studio floor, in front of the crackling fire,
and spent a whole afternoon reading on a grassy knoll in the sun.

We found out some exciting new whilst we were away! 
That our friends had, had a beautiful little baby girl, 
and that Nate had won me a lovely tote bag from our equally lovely blogger friend Jillian.

For our send off to Bowen, we dined at the gorgeous Tuscany Restaurant.
(which Nate kept reciting "Dining at the TuscANY, with BrittANY", very adorable).
There we had amazing smoked salmon pizza, 
and focaccia bread with feta and kalamata olives! Yum!

Our love grew 2 sizes this trip,
(and those who know us would know that's kinda imaginable).
 Our souls needed this sunset filled journey to the island, 
to laze under the stars and really see them twinkling above us.
To build fires, make meals, and play heart-filled games together with out the 
noise of a city clouding us over. 

We decided that we are not going to go 4 months without going back, 
or exploring another island (we might even go for Nates birthday next month!). 

And maybe someday if we are lucky (which we are),
we will even called an Island home :)

Hope you are enjoying your springs!
Love Britt

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Waking up in Spring

      If you know anything about Vancouver weather you would know why I keep saying "It looks like Spring is on its way", and then quickly having to retract that statement, for the simple reason that Vancouver weather is a tease.
       Warm days of "spring", quickly followed by April showers, is no way to start off the summer months. How is one supposed to dust off the depressing cobwebs of winter blues, without at least of week of straight up pure vitamin D.
        So instead of lazying on the beach or on a blanket on the warm grass of my backyard, I have opted to trying to spruce up the insides of my home to get it ready for the coming months...

- I've switched my bedding over to white floral linens and retired my brown flannel sheet covers to the closet for next fall
- Arranging a "Spring Cleaning : Stuff Swap and Boardgames party" for the end of June, and have commenced heavy duty purging from my closet, bookshelf and craft corner.
- Bought myself a breathtakingly floral bouquet of Lilies for beside my bed, so as to wake up into the smell of spring
- Finished my Journal and started a new one, complete with a revised version of goals for this upcoming summer

        What are you doing to start off your spring season on the right foot?