Thursday, March 31, 2011

What a glorious feeling.. I'm hap-hap-happy again!

There is something to be said about the ability of endorphins to kick start our bodies into a happier state.
Even though I am tired and will surely sleep soundly tonight, I feel flippin amazing.

Every week on Thursday in particular, I feel this nagging feeling that I must go to the gym.
No other day has this... and it being 1 of my only 2 days off (and its not usually fully off because I volunteer on Thursday nights), makes it really hard for me to actually want to listen to that little "gym demon" (as I like to call it), and actually go and work out.
But today, I faced the facts and actually got up when my love did, walked the 6 blocks to my workout center at 10 am, so that for the rest of the day I wouldn't be faced with that annoying, condescending voice of reason.
It was amazing! I came home before noon, and had the rest of the day to my disposal guilt free.
I got so much work done, because I was so motivated by how wonderful I felt, and couldn't stop that feeling of accomplishment for the rest of the day.
But I didn't stop there.
I ended up remembering that I had a free coupon for the yoga studio Radha on Main street that was expiring tomorrow and decided that I owed it to myself to take their 4:30 class.
Even better, I walked the half an hour journey there and back through the gorgeous neighbourhood of Strathcona, and since it was so beautiful I took pictures along the way.

Sure fire signs of spring...

This tree reminded me of the part in Alice in Wonderland,
where they are painting the roses red <3
 The Heritage homes in this part of town are gorgeous...
 And so are the funky pieces of art!

 Overall it was just an amazing walk...

After my lovely relaxing "Hidden Language" Yoga class
 (which means the we reflect and write in our journals
after thinking about certain questions during postures),
I went to the prop house cafe on my way home to
finally start reading a new book
and paired that with a London fog, and
possibly the best carrot cake I have ever consumed :)

Thinking then that my day was probably over, 
I headed home only to find my roommate about to leave to her weekly 
belly dancing class up on the drive,
and since I normally have volunteering on Thursdays,
I always miss out on the venture of hers.
So with yet another coupon in hand, 
we topped the night off with a belly dancing class,
which rocked my world and my body. 

Oh how I adore my life!
I hope you all had an equally impressive Thursday!
Love Nymph

Top 5 Treasures in Vancouver

Here are my top 5 treasures of Vancouver!

1.)The Pacific Cinematheque 
Is the best place to go, catch an black and white classic, or a wacky foreign film on a date night out on the town. With film festivals and director series constantly on the go, there is always something to explore that you have never heard about. They have the best popcorn in the city, and a friendly staff of volunteers eager to help.

2.) The Templeton Diner
Almost invisible amongst the hustle and bustle of the touristy Granville St, the Templeton is a rare gem on Ma and Pa diners in the city. Stepping into the 50's diner you are transported back to a simpler time, where dames wore pencil skirts, and our men puffed up their chests with leather jackets. With themed booths equipped with working jute boxes, amazing vegetarian poutines, and adorable waitress's to boot, its easily a treasure in this fast paced world.
*If you call ahead on a Monday night they may also be showing a film on their projector, which is what really drew me into the restaurant many years ago. On any other night it is also just around the corner from the above mentioned Cinema, so you can always catch a flick and then dine with the finest.

3.) Prop house Cafe
I am blessed to only life 1 block away from this lovely cafe, with its records, amazing frothy drinks, and ambient antiques, there is nothing like it around. I will generally bring a stack of things to work (knitting, sewing, reading, writing, etc.) and make a little space to myself in the back record room, and camp out for the afternoon. The manager of Prop house even comes around and talks to all his customers, making you feel even more at home, in such a beautiful space he has created.

4.) Sweet Revenge
"Living Well is the best Revenge" - George Herbert
Their motto for the gorgeous cafe, is perfect when paired with the ambient vintage light fixtures, and blood red wall paper. There is little not to fawn over in this lovely dainty cafe, where they only serve ice wines, teas/coffees, and the most delicious array of deserts. They are only open from 7 pm onwards, so they are a great pairing for a late night romp on Main St, (say perhaps after a penpal writing club :)).

5.) Rio Theatre
Is the place in the city for late night cinema fun, and a ability to get rowdy with your old film favorites. Ive seen many a film there over the years such as Labyrinth, Dark Crystal, Princess Bride, Goonies, and the list goes on. I have also seen many beautiful performances such as poetry slams, concerts, and other live entertainment. Last Friday instance I went and saw the Rocky Horror picture show there with my sister, and a group of amazing friends, where we all dressed up the the nines in Rocky garb, with props in hand, and watched the shadow cast version of the show. There is nothing like a good Rocky showing to get you into the adventurous mood. (Pictures to come soon).

Well those are my most treasured places in the city, but some of the others that did not make the cut are.

If you are a Vancouver Native what are some of your favorite places in the city?
Have fun exploring!
Love Nymph

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On the verge of raindrops....

Today the rain clouds found it hard to keep their tears from falling fast.
With an array of storm clouds covering our fair spring sun today,
I thought it would be best to look on the bright side,
and at the things that make me hopelessly blissful...

I received a letter a day so far this week,
one filled with confetti and cut outs of cute cats,
and another a postcard from a girl with a knack for beauty and crafts.
Ive said it before and i'll say it again
There is nothing better than the written word

Craft Nights
After my craft night last week, 
and seeing all the wonderful things my beautiful friends are capable of. 
My crafty senses have been buzzing up a mad fever.
I am currently working on a embroidered bookmark for a friend,
and a makeshift knitting project for a photo shoot next Sunday
(both I will post pictures of afterwards!)

Reading in Cafes
On any given day of the week,
a quiet cafe and a good book,
may be the only cure I need to banish the blues.
It triples when I combine that with 
a sewing project and a great london fog.

That first rush when a green seedling bursts from the earth,
and screams
"Good Morning Sunshine!
I'm here, Look at me!" 
My garden is calling my name but requires a 
semi sunny day to start work
Today obviously is far from that,
but still necessary in the growing process :)

Art Galleries
I used to volunteer at the Vancouver Art Gallery 
so the space feels like a second home to me.
Wandering through their open spaces,
and sharing thoughts with either journals or friends,
is high up there on my list of loves. 

The last on the list but possibly my first adoration of them all.
This is the perfect rainy day activity, 
and is actually what I have planned for tonight, with my man,
roommates and friends. 
What are your favorite board games?
Does it make your toes curl in excitement when I mention,
spending the night at home in front of a roaring fire, 
with loved ones and the game of Life?

I hope where ever you are
rain or shine
your night finds you happy.

Love Nymph

Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

This is where my Thursday began...
Well not really... 
I was cozied up in my blankets before this in bed...
But since my man went to go make yoga, and deliver horoscopes to shop clerks,
this is where I had been...
I knew it was truly Spring, 
not because of the sunny rays on the streets,
but because I finally pulled down the streamers from my birthday,
clearing way for springing ahead.

My kitchen garden doth grow,
and perhaps it shall venture outside if there be no more snow :)
I can't wait to attack my backyard with my green thumb, 
and create a bountiful garden like never before seen!
We are also going to turn our compost completly, 
repaint the picnic table, benches, and fire escape, 
and build a raised garden bed for our veggie friends.
Maybe I can even find room for a hammock amougst the oasis....
ahhhh *swoon*

I started this crazy diet last Monday,
which consists of veggies, 
protein (in my case tofu and fish),
and legumes.
Ive never done anything this strict before 
but its making me feel really energetic 
and look at food choices a little differently.

 I am able to have red wine on this diet which is awesome, 
and even better there is a recommended "free for all" day every once a week,
I don't however like the absence of fruit, 
which I think the worst part about it.
Since I can comprehend not eating bread or sugar,
and even milk and cheese to an extent,
but MAN do I ever miss my fruit.... :(

I'm going to see how it goes for another week,
and evaluate how I am feeling and whether
I want to introduce some basics back into my meal plans.
Like say... FRUIT! 
Today on a whole was amazing...
letter writing to lovely ladies
errands in the sun
walking from my home to my volunteer shift downtown 
(gorgeous hour long walk)
long bath, followed by clean warm linens,
happiness abound.

Thanks for all being wonderful :)
Love your Nymph
xoxoxoxoxo etc.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


What a wonderful word!

I hope you all have been having a wonderful week in this lovely early Spring season,
going for walks to smell the flowers and fresh herbs,
and biking in cute a-line skirts. 

I have been making merry with crafts this week and  I just wanted to share a few with you!

My sister hosted a lovely belated St. Patty's Day Party 
at her home last Saturday, with tequila shots, mystery green drinks,
spanikopita, and SOCK PUPPETS!

We brought out all the supplies and got to work!
There was a Japanese sock puppet in a Kimono,
a Wizard equipped with a wand,
a Jewish ginger raver sock puppet,
 and well.. just mine who didn't fall in any category, 
just like me :)
(My sister dressed up this photo of us)

I had a wonderfully successful crafting night with a bouquet of lovely ladies (and 2 men) last night.
An easel was set up in the corner,
 used shirts were being cut into long strips and turned into "yarn" to knit with,
hemp necklace skills were being taught on the couch,
water colors were being brushed on canvas's,
embroidery thread being woven through bookmarks, 
and letters being written to far off loved ones.

I was overjoyed with happiness!

I got these awesome blank postcard canvas's for Christmas from my love, 
and got to paint this awesome picture for my best friend who is in Japan right now!
She is totally a Godzilla! RAWR!

The other thing that I got to make last night was this 
gorgeous cuff out of some material that I inherited.
I am very proud of it and wore it with my cute tights and similar styled vintage skirt find.

Feel free to tell me about any lovely crafts you made this week,
or any recipes you tried out, as I love to hear about all of you out there in blog land :)

Love Nymph
p.s. Teacup and Plume : I received both of your lovely snail mail treasures yesterday,
and I just wanted to thank you both very much, and let you know
that you should expect something in return soon!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Book Recommendations

The shelf in my room, is full of books awaiting me to break in their spines,
but alas none of their shiny covers seem to tickle my fancy right now....
any recommendations...
I haven`t read in a week and its killing me...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yet another lovely week in the life

Seems to me that I might only have time for one blog update a week at this point... and I am perfectly fine with that. Life seems to be going by really quickly and I am having trouble fitting in all the lovely things I want to take part in and all the beautiful people I want to see, let alone write about it...

Here's what I was able to accomplish this week :

I went to a lovely Shrove Tuesday/ Breakfast for Dinner Party 
at my lovely friends Lauren and Lindsay's humble abode!

There was blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes,
peach and apricot preserves,
and copious amounts of bacon to be had!
(Luckily I brought some veggie links for myself or 
I would have gone over the deep end with bacon cravings :))

I had a pizza dinner date with my man 
which ended with a lovely couple of rounds of 
cranium with my roommates!

I had my manager Jeff's last day at work... :(

That's my old manager Jeff on the left and my new manager Jeff on the right :) 
I love how they get along so well :)

 Most of my lovely coworkers!

 Even the vegans got to eat cake :P
(They are starting their own trip vlog here!)
Don't you wish you worked with me :)

I also went to an epic pajama housewarming
party for my friends Ray and Chris!

Suffice it to say, I woke up with the worst hangover of my life the next morning...

And I still managed to roll my ass out of bed (with the time change and all)
to make my way to Port Moody for a Pinup cupcake photo shoot!
(More photos from that to come soon!)

Above all I adored all the lovely girl dates I had this week, 
as I really believe it was the link I had been missing lately in my life.
Coffee and deserts,
walks by the water,
crafting clubs,
Ladies really know where its at ;)

Hope you all have an amazing rest of your week 
and create something beautiful in your spare time,

Love Nymph

p.s. I'm going to go an clean up the huge mess that is my room, 
before my man comes over for our Scrabble and Nachos date soon :)