Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Simple Pleasures from a week worth living....

I thrive on the simple pleasures in life, and here some, just to name a few :)

The little messages from a best friend in Japan, telling me "did i ever tell you that i love you? i dont tell you enough. <3mwah!"

Waking up in a apartment where a beautiful Christmas Tree has been baking in warmth and love. This place is a home.

An advent calendar giving and recieving 24 days of love before Christmas

Paper cranes, painted dinosaurs, nerd poets, christmas lights, getting your bed made for you, childrens books, hand making gifts, and love unmeasurable...

A best friend to which I can work, play, workout, snort, go on dates with and poke fun at...

And a love who shows me he cares everyday :)

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