Friday, May 20, 2011

SaltSpring, BC

SaltSpring Blew My Mind

From its simple life living...
(View from the room I was staying in!)
 Ocean Side Adventures...
 (Piles upon piles of living sand dollars!)

 Nature walks...
and Adventures..
Gardening for accommodation...
Eating and drinking like Queens...
And most of all spending time with some GORGEOUS ladyfriends of mine!

We hitch hiked for the first time,
Each took turns making a spectacular meal,
Polished off many bottles of wine and champagne,
Read by the fire, 
Curled up and watched classics,
Crafted and Knitted,
Collected Shells,
Did yoga in the morning sun on the back porch,
and overall just relaxed in each others company!

Have you ever been to SaltSpring? 
My man and I are thinking about going to Bowen Island 
in a couple of weeks for our 2 year anniversary
which will be quite exciting 
(especially since we were just looking at all the 
gorgeous accommodations over there)!

 And I just got back from a little trip down to San Fran for two days
and then a relaxing cruise back to Vancouver for 4 days!
Did I mention that I am loving the summer!
Especially since I got back and the weather in Ol' East Van
has finally turned up, and my plants are thanking 
the heavens for it! 

Hope you all are enjoying the starting of your summer!
Any plans?

Love Nymph


  1. Looks like a FANTASTIC TIME!!!!!!!!

  2. everything looks cozy and nature-y and perfect! also, I owe you a letter and I know it! soon!