Sunday, December 18, 2011

Winter Terrarium

         With Christmas only a week away, I thought there was no better way to bring on the holiday than with some joyous crafting!
          Ive been furiously knitting and sewing presents for others this year, and decided that it was time to stop, and make a Christmas decoration for myself.... So here is my version on a Christmas terrarium.

Supplies :
- A sheet of white felt
- White stuffing
- Scissors and a felt pen for marking
- Any sparkly white glitter, or confetti that will give the effect that it is snowing in your dome
- Any decorations that you would like to use in your terrarium (I suggest bringing your desired container shopping with you so that you can measure them before you purchase them)
- A glass covered container (I used an old cheese board that I always forgot to bring out during parties I was hosting)

1.) Select figures for your terrarium to go with your desired theme. I picked up these Schleich figurines from my work Dilly Dally, which worked really well with the tree I already had in my Christmas decorations. I also chose some white glittery holly that I had to add some depth to the scene but still match with the snow.

2.) Measure out the base of your terrarium, and cut the felt to size.
3.) Then rearrange your figurines, and decorations, to your desired state. Add glitter, fake snowflakes, and voila...
You've got your very on Christmas Terrarium!
Also since you are not gluing anything in place, you can take out the winter decorations, once the weather starts heating up again, and change it according to the season!

I hope you feel inspired to create your very own, 
Christmas work of art,
and that you all have a 
Very Merry Christmas!

Love Nymph
xoxoxoxox etc...

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