Monday, April 16, 2012

Simple Times

We had yet another lovely soup social last weekend full of warm food, conversations, and love. We filled the table with tasty homemade treats, and our little gathering of 6 friends fit perfectly around the square table.

Our bellies were filled with fresh spring salad, adorned with toasty kale chips, a nurturing and creamy potato and leek soup, beef and pork slow roasted stew (for the meat eaters in our clan), and a lovely gluten free apple crisp with vanilla ice cream to top it off!
At the beginning of the meal, we raised our hands together, and instead of reciting a prayer over our meal (since we all come from such diverse spiritual backgrounds), we all shouted in unision "SOUP"!
It make the beginning of our meal full of laughter and spirit, and an immensely fulfilling feeling of gratitude for our friendship.
There is also something to be said about the act of all sitting down at a table together and being able to look into the eyes of your fellow dinner guests, as you enjoy such a lovely meal together. It really drives home the idea  that I want to get a large table in my future apartment on my own, so that I can host dinner parties and craft nights all together. To me I think that is even more important than owning a couch.

I've been really turning over a new leaf with my schedule lately, in that I have resumed going to bed no later than 12:30, and happily, awaking easily before my alarm each morning. My routine has really changed, as I have been getting to work earlier, having my smoothie for breakfast, hitting the gym at least 3 times a week, and making more downtime for myself and my crafts. I feel blessed for my simple life where I can design my own schedule, and have the ease of my own tasks. I know it will not always be this way, so I am sucking it up while I can.
Currently I am...
Writing Penpal letters...
and easing into my day off.

Reading Kafka on the Shore 
(I know I know, I am a little behind in my book club. 

Going to make some more teacup candles 
(I started them last night).

Going with a friend to a Breast Massage Class for Healthy Breasts
through the Art Of Loving later.

And then possibly capping my night off with 
dancing to mod music
at Ice Cream Social down the road!

Happy Monday everyone! <3

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  1. hi there! sorry I've been so out of touch... just wanted to say hello and that I hope you're having a great spring :)