Monday, May 28, 2012

Rainy Day

I went away on a lovely 5 day vacation to Victoria, Salt Spring and Tofino, with my best friend Karina last week... (This is what we look like normally...)

(And this is what we look like when we have a case of the late night giggles.... )
 It was an amazing trip away with gorgeous sights...
 Cathedral Grove
Amazing Adventures (Ucluelet)
And making new friends :)

Even though it was a great vacation, I have been feeling pretty worn out since I got back,
as I have been going non stop with something lovely every night, 
so my "to do" list just kept getting bigger and bigger...

So last night a spent the evening in and worked on
completing everything that I had let stewing on the back burner...
Like planning a spa night, a soup social night, and my mother's 50th birthday party...
(Yup, my life is pretty busy!)
And then rewarded my self with making some strawberry rhubarb crumble ;)

This morning I awoke to a lovely gloomy day in Vancouver,
which was actually perfect for my needs to 
visit the gym, the library, and a cafe for some reading times,
and also to work on a couple of projects at home...
Ive been working on my third quilt (which I will show more of once I get more done on it)
and I also made this awesome card for my dad's birthday!
 My Dad's really into the Muppets :) 

Hopefully you are all having a lovely rainy day, 
relaxing with your crafts and loved ones! 

Love Britt

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