Monday, February 11, 2013

You say its your birthday! Well its my birthday too yea!

Today is my 26th birthday!
I've come a long way in the last couple of years, 
in coming into myself,
my true self, 
seeing what I want
 and taking the steps towards making my dreams a reality.

This upcoming year holds so much hope and promise for me.

Finally finishing my degree, this semester will be a huge load off my mind.
As I have been waiting for this for such a long time, 
and am so proud of myself for going back and completing this stage of my life.

I am making plans for far off places after the summers end,
which will be a first of many new chapters in my life. 

By moving out on my own this year,
I have proven to myself that anything is possible when I put my mind to it.
And that life has a way of giving you what you want when you ask for it :)

For right now I am enjoying my birthday week of celebrations,
and getting jazzed about my 26th year on this planet :)
(Well 27th technically!)

Last night I started the week off with a dinner at my folks place,
where I was treated to a lovely home cooked meal,
and the darling company of my family :)

Drinking margaritas, 
dancing in the kitchen with my 81 year old aunt,
holding my 1 year old nephew,
staring across the room at my love in a bow tie I sewed him,
getting homemade cards, and new sewing scissors!
I am so blessed to have such a loving and generous family and
extended family that I get to be myself around. 

Today I was treated to breakfast in bed by my love,
a tour of the Bloedel Nature Conservatory with my family and Nate...

Then as per my birthday tradition,
we made our way down to the local train station,
slid some loonies into one of the only remaining photo booths in Vancouver,
and captured the day on film. 
I've done this for the past 3 years with Nate,
 and it was great being able to share this tradition with my family as well. 
 (Psst! Featured in the above photo is the necklace and matching earrings Nate got for me!)
 Then there was a late birthday lunch, 
where we were joined by my cousin and his wife,
who we barely get to see.
And then off home for Nate and I, 
to enjoy a night in :) 

We are now nestled in a blanket fort,
with champagne and a bouquet of fragrant flowers by our side.
About to watch another guilty pleasure,
and curl into each other for the rest of the evening.
Another birthday tradition that I have
is to light the above shown candle
only on my birthday,
and to meditate with it
and make some resolutions for the new year.

I bought the candle on my pilgrimage to France when I was 18,
and never lit it until 5 years ago when I decided it would make a perfect tradition.
That being said I think I am about to embark on that silence for a bit,
and say good night to you all in cyber land.

Good night!
and may all your birthdays be bright!

p.s. Sorry about all the photos being different colors.
I bought my camera last year, but it was only today that
I started messing around with all the settings it has to offer :P

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