Wednesday, March 13, 2013

So close

I am so close to graduating that I can feel it in my teeth (or maybe that was just my dentist appointment this morning).

I was getting really nervous about whether or not I would complete my degree this spring and have my plans go on for the summer and fall like planned. I guess when you get so close to something this  this exciting there is always some nerves and worry that go along with it. That natural impulse to just falter and run when the going gets tough. But I have made it over the hurdle. Only one more month left to go and that degree will be mine.

Since its crunch time I have been feeling the need to really buckle down. Have intense homework sessions although have them interdespersed by bouts of relaxing baths, coffee dates, and tonight a relaxing session of some stretching on my mat.

 Yoga and I, are old friends. There was a time where I was going to multiple classes a week and sometimes a couple of classes a day. I have since moved away from the practice with the pressure of school on my heels.

My man, does his yoga every morning. Sometimes even in my kitchen while I lie in bed planning out my work load. I love his dedication and he is such an inspiration for me to get back into the cycle of practicing on a more regular basis. Like the gym, I find that I will sign up for a membership and after the new car smell wears off in a couple of visits I lose my interest.

So I think for the summer I am going to take a cue from my man and work on starting up my practice again in the warmth of my home. Then I can also wear silly outfits with no make up, and play inspiring albums where I feel free to sing along when the mood strikes.

This was one of the songs that really inspired me on the mat tonight :


Very fitting for my end of school aspirations <3

Good Night!

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