Sunday, May 5, 2013

School's out for summer, School's out forever!

Its here!
That breathe of fresh air,
That relaxation, warm sunkissed air,
and feeling of bliss.

There's been :

- Gelato by the seaside
- Long bike rides with skirts flapping in the wind
-Cat sitting at two different houses for the last 2 weeks :) 
- Epic dance parties with Geeks and body painted hippies
- Skinny dipping ;)
- Ordering fresh organic groceries to my front door
- Getting silly on sazerac's and sherry at fancy restaurants
- Making new friends and engaging with old ones
- Writing letters and starting knitting and sewing projects
- Watching "Spice World" at the Rio, with a live drag queen shadow cast!

Yeah.... it's been a blur of two weeks, and I see the rest of the summer 
following suit in this same manner. 
I am blissful, blessed and forever grateful for the life I have and those I get to share it with :)

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