Monday, November 29, 2010

Britt's Heavenly Brussels!

For all your brussel sprouts nay sayers out there this ones for you...
I must admit that I was once one of you, who would continue on along the Christmas buffet food lineup, and not even give this vegetable a mere second thought, but truth be told I have been living off this brussel recipe for the last 2-3 months straight. Morning, noon, midnight snack, you name it these brussels are my friend, my craving, my comfort food.
So when I was asked to make them for an Ugly Sweater Thanksgiving Dinner party last Friday (my sweater featured below), I sprang at the chance to share my love, with the world :)
Directions to success :
- First peel and mince around 6 cloves of garlic (I prefer my breath to ward off evil creatures of the night after this meal, so use your own discretion), then saute in pan with a generous amount of butter, until starting to brown.

-Meanwhile cut off the end of your lovely brussels, remove any darkening leave, then chop them into quarters, and then they are ready to be thrown in the pan. Flip them around, until they are covered in butter and leave them be for a good 5 mins so that they soften up a fair bit.
-Come back to your pan, and stir them up, add salt, and lemon juice, and then let them sit for another 5 mins. Since you are not technically steaming them, they are going to take a bit to tenderize, so be patient!
-For the last portion of your cooking, add butter, salt, and lemon as you see fit. They should start to brown, and get soft. At about 5 more mintues taste test those bad boys and see if they need to get a little less crunchy still. The should partially melt in your mouth :)


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