Thursday, November 25, 2010


My hibernating tendancies have taken over a fair bit more than normal, this past winter month. Nothing seems like a better plan than to sit cozily in front of my fire, swaddled in quilts and entertained by the pages of a good book. Contentment.
However this is how I have a love/hate relationship with winter, as my otherwise semi social ideals fly by the way side, during these chilly snow filled *crosses fingers* months.
Tonight I succeeded in venturing out of my cocoon, and right down to the Legion for some worthwhile singing adventures, and found myself surrounded by others who had not seen the light of "social friendships" in ages. It is important to have these moments to show you that you are not alone. That there are others like you, to which social gatherings, sometimes just doesn't measure up to the comfort of a warm bed and a good Christmas movie on the telly.
I love these people.
People who you don't have to talk to for months on end.
People who don't care if you haven't attended the latest social gatherings.
People who down right let you know that they are glad to see you, and understand how truly hard it was to get out there, because they had just experienced it themselves.

I guess all I am trying to say here is embrace the season however you see fit. Go for a snowy walk, catch the occasional concert, meet up with friends.... but don't feel bad for hibernating every once in a while. Thats just silly.
Take the time to listen to the snow fall, and play a match of scrabble :)

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