Monday, July 4, 2011

Blessings Galore

What a beautiful week and a bit I have had...

Ive Hosted :
An successful Sex Toy Passion Party 
A garage sale, followed by a clothing swap board game party
An impromptu Canada Day BBQ and fire

A Nude still life drawing night (where 8 of the 10 girls ended up modeling for us)
A photo shoot with 11 girls, in steam punk attire, and a circus motif
(We are also hosting my friends "Vintage Camping" birthday BBQ in our backyard on Wednesday)

Ive Made :
A first run of a sewing project, which is the first time I haven't used a pattern whilst sewing!
A wooden box to house my DVD player so my TV can nestle safely on it
A shelf for my fire escape so I am cover my compost bin
(I'm about to make Date squares for the first time!)
Delicious Blueberry Pancakes from scratch :)

Ive felt blessed to have :
A home that I love and great roommates who are always supportive in my endeavors
Family who are just a quick phone call away to help me through life
(ex. "Hey Mom... how do I sew the edges on this?")
Finished my cleanse and still be buying "cleanse appropriate foods" out of habit
Having such resourceful and beautiful women in my life, 
which has allowed me to start my Female Empowerment Group 
A loving man by my side...

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