Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Female Empowerment Group

Over the last 4 months I have been working on a very exciting new project
that I would like to share with you...

Its known as my Female Empowerment Group,
 and really nothing makes me happier than starting something 
like this that I can share with the women in my life.

The idea came from attending a "Power of Pussy",
with a couple of my girlfriends from work.
In the session, we learned about the history of female sexuality exportation and sex toys, 
as well as we got to open up about our own sexual history and stories about our vagina's.
I learned first hand the variety of stories that one small group 
could have concerning their own sexual pasts,
by doing a "yes or no" type game with varying questions. 
As well as learning how large the variety of shapes and sizes of women's vagina's could be,
by getting each women present to show a picture from the book "Petals"
that looks most like their own pussy. 

The class was such an eye opener for me, 
that a group of strangers could get together and learn to be so intimate
and open with each other was so wonderful and freeing. 

It was truly something that I had never experienced before...
Sure I have sex discussions with girlfriends freely, 
and have done my dose of burlesque and nude modeling...
But none of that made me feel as beautiful and powerful as sitting in that room,
surrounded by such a variety of women from all walks of life, 
and discussing our vagina's. 

That night, my two girlfriends and I, who had attended the class,
went out for dinner and tried brainstorming of how we could get more of that empowering feeling. 

It started off with an idea to have two nights:

1.) A paint a portrait of your pussy night : 
where everyone does just that, 
paints a canvas of their pussy. 


2.) Hosting an Art of Loving Seminar at my home :
With this we weren't sure which class we were going to choose,
 but finally decided on "G-Spots and Female Ejaculation" 
(the others were "Having a great orgasm" and "Giving Good Head").

Both of these nights I am pleased to say that we have now had,
as well as a Bondage tutorial night,
and tonight will be our much anticipated 
Nude Still Life Drawing Night 
where 3-4 of the girls will be modeling for us.

The group has been meeting once a month,
and averaging 8 women per session, 
(always with some different members).

They have been held and organized by yours truly, 
and I am LOVING being able to bring this into the lives of the women in my circle.

We have another night planned for July 3rd :
Which is a photo shoot with my Photographer friend 
Amanda Bullick and her company "Brutally Beautiful",
and my Designer friend Ash Turner and her company "Mechanic Organic".
The idea is to showcase the Female Empowerment group,
as well as the talented Amanda and Ash for their portfolio's as well :)

Our night ideas for the future are :
-Safe Kinks
-Sew Vagina Pillows
-Tantric Sex Workshop
-Pole Dancing
-Birthing knowledge

and maybe even shoot so high as :
-Weekend getaways
-Art shows
-Our own hosted seminars for larger groups

Who knows right, you have to always dream big in this world :)
Does anyone have any ideas, thoughts or comments about the group?
Or even know of any way that I can someday make this into a career?
 Thanks and keep on dreaming
<3 Nymph

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