Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkins and Vulva Pillows

The fall is great for two things :
All things festive 
like going to 
Halloween trains,
dressing up for parties and around the house,
decorating your hearth,
making/wearing ghoulish aprons,
bobbing for apples,
and hitting the local pumpkin patch...

And also for :

-All things cozy
like canning your own garlicy basil tomato soup,
knitting up a storm by the fireplace,
making your own tea tree soap and recycled paper,
wearing layers upon layers of scarves and woolen stockings,
and even sewing elaborate vulva pillows with your best lady friends...

This last week has been a great example of both 
the cozy and the festive side to the season...
and I have loved every moment of it. 

Yesterday was no exception...
From carefully picking out the best pumpkins in the patch...
(followed by a belated Thanksgiving Dinner)
To having my favorite lady friends over 
for a much overdue
Female Empowerment meeting

With the fire ablazing,
and wine in hand,
we sewed to our hearts content!

This was an idea that I had when I first began the group many months ago,
and it was wonderful to see it come into reality last night,
through these wonderful women...

Each with a different take of what their vulva's look like,
and even more abstractly what they would perceive a pillow version would look like :)

It was fun to have my sister there, and get to see her engage with the group. 
Also it was fun to see how simular our pillows came out,
without even meaning to.
 I'm not sure where the club is going to go from here for the winter season,
but I am always looking for ideas,
if any of you out there in the blogasphere have any for us.

Otherwise I hope you continue to enjoy your fall season
However you may choose to!
 - Love Britt

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