Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sowing Seeds and Sewing Skirts!

My energy is starting to pick up again
I can feel the winds of change flowing through my bodies previously weary bones...

Last week I felt almost hopeless
falling prey to the constant on going workload of my schedule...
but this week is different.

I started back at the gym with my love Karina,
and although the first couple of days were rough
it seems as though my body has been craving this endorphin rush all along.
Ive been going out of my way to get out and about (time permitting with homework) :
- Got to see two musical shows at a local cafe this week 
The first was a open mic of sorts with classical music that my friend hosts
 And the second with Karina's (pictured above) boyfriend Geoff's jazz band,
(I knitted at both of them naturally),
-I saw the Lorax at the $2 cinema
-Nate treated me out for dinner, at one of our favorite restaurants <3

 -Had an amazing "Hook and Peter Pan" inspired photoshoot with two of my favorite ladies!
(photos to come of that crazy shoot!)
-I planted my first seeds of 2012!
Radishes, Green Kale, and Snap Peas!
And found out that the garlic that I planted before Christmas
is starting to peek through the soil!
Then today, I had a lovely grocery shopping date, 
with my man.
Where we bought supplies for our respective homes,
side by side...
Riddled each other with questions, 
and kisses in the supermarket isles,
and made eyes at each other over the veggies. 
It was a lovely experience because although we have shopped for dinner 
fixings together on copious occasions,
we have never done a proper shop together,
and it was lovely to interact in that intimate way.

Then when I got home, 
I plunged straight into creating something that 
had been on the back of my mind for months now,
burning away on my creative burner.
You should know something about me,
I am not patient, and nor to I like to take orders,
or follow instructions...
I hate reading labels, 
and would rather just wing it and hope for the best,
then sit there and work out my best course of action...
So that is how I came to make my first ever skirt tonight,
with no pattern :)
 I have yet to fully complete it (as I still need to sew on the buttons shown,
and complete a blind hem *fingers crossed* for the bottom),
but I am over joyed about how it has turned out so far!
I got to work with my first garment zipper and worked on the whole thing,
by constantly trying it on and tailoring it to my body.
The top part is still a smidgen too loose, but it is better than it being
a smidgen too tight :)
Once I am finished it (which is hopefully on my day off tomorrow),
I will take a photo of me wearing it!  

Well that's all folks! Hope you all have had a lovely and productive week,
and remember, just because you don't have a pattern, 
doesn't mean you can't create ;)

Love Britt
xoxoxoxoxo etc...
Oh and I just wanted to leave you guys off with this adorable photo 
of my roommates finishing off our Wizard of Oz puzzle :)
They are really too adorable for words :)

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