Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Summer's in Sight!

Inspirations taking hold
Crafting nights,
strong and bold.
My garden shakes off its winter leaves,
and clears the path for summers bee's.

With my pottery class already on the horizon for this summer, 
my Easter cardigan just one knitting club from being finished,
and the relief of finally re-booking my Hot Air balloon ride, 
I can truly say that I am really looking forward to the seasons ahead.

Already I have made a list of the things I want to explore this summer 
(I mostly made it as a procrastination from writing my 2000 word essay last week)
and am looking forward to seeing them through :

-Pottery Class (Which I am so excited to finally be registered for!)
-Plan for at least 2 Female Empowerment Nights
-Ride a horse
-Dress up and venture to the horse tracks
-Continue Attending/Hosting Knitting Nights
-Host a friendly soup social at my home
(our friends have come up with the idea of having a soup club!)
-2 getaways to the islands : One with Karina and another with Nate
-BIKE as much as possible (I will not have my UPass this summer 
so I am looking forward to my bike Emerald being my major source of transportation)
-Fix up my Grandpa's old bike
-Attend the Naked Bike ride again
-Continue my guitar lessons with Ray
-Learn how to photo edit on my computer
-Host bonfire's in my back yard
-Work on getting my "N"
 -Work on my sign language again (and maybe brush up on my french)
-And Create yet another breath taking garden (I just spent an hour yesterday,
clearly off my fire escape, and making way, for new plant pots, 
and the vision of a lovely herb garden right at my kitchen door!)

It looks like I have my work cut out for me, 
but at least I will be done school for the summer,
so I will have more than just one day off a week!

For now though, I am going to try and focus on my studies,
and get them over and done with as soon as I can! 
Wish me luck only! Only a few more weeks to go!

Love Britt

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  1. Good luck my heart. I'm always there in love and support.