Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Little Update and some Dinosaur facts :)

Sorry that I have been a little MIA lately,
but it has been for good reason...

- I've been hand crafting all my Christmas cards 
and working on knitting little gifts

- Attending pirate parties, dance parties, and dinner parties (with fog machines inside I might add!)...

- Signing up for a sewing class, 3 classes next semester, and booking my New Years vacation...

-Finishing 4 novels in the last month (3 for school and 1 for pleasure)

- Writing endless amounts of papers and studying for exams (just one more exam to go!)

- AND on top of everything else.... getting into the full swing of Christmas Cheer! 

To tide you over till I get to do a proper post, 
here is a little a learned about the dinosaur 

Creepy looking guy, eh?

- It was first discovered in the late 1940's during a joint Soviet -Mongolian fossil hunting expedition in the Gobi Desert. They only found gigantic bony claws, but in 1954 this dinosaur was named Theizinosaurus “scythe reptile”. More claws were found later in the 1950's – 60's in Central Asia, as well as parts of a forelimb skeleton and a few fragments of a hind limb.

- Evidence shows that they had three digits on each of its 8 feet long forelimbs, and on each digit it had massive, slightly curved claws which were flattened and came to a sharp point. The largest of these claws was 28 inches long, and located on the first digit, which makes its claw alone longer than the average human arm and hand combined.
- It has the longest know claws of any known animal, and possibly the strangest looking of all dinosaurs.

- It fits in best with the category of theropods, but more than likely was mostly a herbivore, consuming only plants, such as leaves, fungi, fruit and rotted wood.

-Therizinosaurus dates back to the late Cretaceous period, 75-70 million years ago. 

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