Sunday, November 11, 2012


The other night when I volunteered at my little movie theatre, I had the opportunity to view a film on the progression of women's art work from the late 60's into the late 80's and even into our modern day. The film was called "!Women Art Revolution" and centered mostly around female artists working in America, who were trying desperately to get their work shown across the country.

Watching the trials and tribulations of females before me, gave me strength and gratefulness for the power that women hold in this world today. We still don't have an equal footing on this globe, but at least we are given a chance to speak our minds, and have a say in what matters. If it wasn't for women like that, our freedom would be squandered, and we wouldn't have the opportunities that we are given so easily today.

It also make me look at the work that I have been doing in the last year with my Female Empowerment Club, and at how important that work is to do. The club may have dwindled a bit in numbers and productivity, but the concept and bonds between the women still hold true.

A couple of nights ago, I held my third Figure Drawing night at my home, which has been by far my favorite of the empowerment activities. Getting a group of lovely women together, to pose for each other, with such love and support backing them, means more to me than I can express. At that point it is not about body image, but about art, respect, and adoration for one another.

Even if this club doesn't continue on, and it changes course, and shape like the women in it. It will still be a big part of who I am, and who I am growing up to be.

I am a powerful woman, and I will never stop learning what that means to me. 

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  1. sounds like a beautiful idea and club. more power to you.