Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Happy New Year Ya'll!

Its that time again to look back over my last years resolutions,
and make some new ones for the year ahead!

Last year :

-Ride a horse for the first time (didn't get to do this summer)
-Dress up and go to the race tracks (Totally did! and it was amazing!) 
 -Start my own knitting group (Even though it only lasted around 5 months it was still an amazing group!) 
 -Knit my first pair of socks (Did not do but I did knit another cardigan!)

-Knit mustard yellow cable knit leg warmers
-Get my N (Still on my list of things to do for this year!)
-Have a special date night at least once a week!
-Make more often for others
-Practice random acts of kindness more often for friends and strangers
-Finish cutting out and sewing my heart quilt (Almost finished!)
-Scrap book Europe and San Fran trips (I've finished the San Fran one)

-Get Hot Air Balloon tattoo finished (Done!)
(Photo Cred : Greg McKinnon)
-Learn how to fix my own knitting mistakes (I've totally started catching onto this in the last few months!)
-Fly in a hot air balloon (Done!)
 -Read more than watch movies (Hard one to track, but yes I have!)
-Attend more local shows in my neighbourhood
-Make more dates with girlfriends (I've hung out a lot with my friends this year!)
-Move out on my own this year! (DONE!)
 -Attend a pottery class (DONE!)
Now for my goals for this year ahead!

- Feel more comfortable in my own body (It is silly to have "lose weight" on my list, but I think this is a fair one to state as I would like to feel more comfortable in my own skin)
- Run/Walk in the Sun Run
- Get my N 
- Finish my degree (Soooo close only 3 more classes to go and I start again tomorrow!)
- Keep my house tidy and clutter free (I am constantly down grading my clutter so I am not worried about that but I would be nice not to live in a mess while school is on)
- Save $100 a month for traveling! (I have already put away $100 for Jan!)
- Go to Bingo by my house (Nate and I have been meaning to go since I moved in here!)
- Work on being on time for work, school, appointments etc... (this also goes hand in hand with getting to bed earlier!)
- Get more creative with Letter Writing (anyone who knows me, will tell you that I am a very good pen pal, but I would like to challenge myself to send more art mail)
- Go out dancing more! (I've been hitting the local mod dance nights for the past while, and I would like to keep up with that and work on finding some more "off the beat in path" dance nights!)

Phew! I think that's a good start for now!
What do you want to accomplish this year?

Love Britt
xoxoxoxoxoxo etc...

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  1. Happy New Year! May you only have the best in 2013!