Sunday, January 20, 2013

Not to mention school...

I've been really busy these first few weeks of 2013, not to mention the fact that I am also taking 3 classes at school and working two jobs :P

So here is what I have been up to whilst neglecting my blog posting :

I've been crafting up a storm!
Sewing tote bags and fixing clothes,
Making cards and scrap booking,
Fixing up batches of my own soy vanilla candles....
Its all been really cozy

 Since the tenth I've been on a sugar free kick,
  to work on bettering eating habits.
One of my goals for the new year was to incorporate more veggies into my diet, 
and this has totally helped with that. 
No more impulse cookies and muffins at coffee shops,
and those late night chocolate bars. 
I plan on being strict until my birthday week on Feb 10th 
(then I will have some cake and goodies)
but I look forward to continuing on with the habits I am creating.

My best friend Mr. Chai 
took Nate and I on, on an unexpected late Christmas double date 
At first I was a little skeptical of the name of the place,
but after finding out that they have two indoor themed mini golf parks,
bowling, batting cages, go karts... etc 
AND arcade games galore.
I was very excited to attend!
 Another lovely friend Travis
invited us over to his place for an intimate gathering 
of friends, and delicious French food.
His delightful girlfriend Seanna purchased him a French cooking book for Christmas
and he was so excited to share his culinary talents with us.
Seanna even cooked up a lovely salmon in Camembert cheese in honor of 
my pescetarian eating habits. 
There is something really magical about this group of friends.
We love to come together and share delicious food, 
and despite all our crazy eating habits we all manage to keep each other in mind when cooking.
Its really an honor to know them :)

I've been doing some little home improvements and really settling into my tiny space.
Little hooks for my mugs, rearranging my kitchen to get the best out of its large space (more pictures to come), knobs on dimmer switches, re-potting plants...
It's been a really pleasurable experience!

 Shows galore!
Our beloved local venue the Waldorf hotel
is on the brink of extinction so I've been hitting up the club twice 
in the last week for some amazing shows. 

The first of which was a massive Ice Cream Social multi room dance party,
which was to be the end of an era of me going every Monday that I could for almost the last year. 
I will really miss that night, but it also forces me to explore other dance nights this city has to offer.

The other show featured at the Waldorf was probably the best line up for a concert 
that I had seen in a long time.
Every single band, singer, magician, wordsmith, moved my soul.
From CR Avery, Jess Hill, Doctor T, Maria In the Shower, Taryn the Tailor, 
to the special guest appearance of poet Shane Koyczan, they were all astounding in their own right.

Not at the Waldorf but at an equally impressive venue last night we went and saw Herold Nix at the Club Push at Performance Works on Granville Island.
Now Performance Works on its own is not that impressive of a venue aesthetically,
but when done up like a loungey club where you can order bottles of wine to your table and listen to the bluesy styling's of a legend like Herold Nix, I was in awe. 
The other two bands Proud Animal and Twin River, didn't really do much for my taste,
but it was well worth the wait for the headliners thick smokey voice.


Other than that there have been copious coffee dates,
gym workouts and like I said homework and selling toys. 
Overall its been a stunning 2013 so far ;)

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