Monday, March 31, 2014

Vancouver Cycle Chic

The website Vancouver is awesome 
just did a casting call for bikers in Vancouver
 to be part of their cycle chic film series this summer. 

Even though my application didn't make the cut, 
I am hoping to be part of their casting call for bike photo shoots
later this year :) 

Applying for this wonderful project made me really think about why 
I love biking so much in Vancouver. 
And because of that I would like to share the application that I sent to them, 
with all of you.

Here's what I sent :

Dear Awesome Vancouver Bike People,
   My name is Britt MacDuff, and I love to bike.
   I believe that the best way to see the beauty of this city is on the seat of a bicycle.

   I am a daily commuter along the 10th ave bike route, from my home in Mount Pleasant to my work at an independent toy store on the Drive called Dilly Dally. I'm also a lover of cycling along the bike paths of this gorgeous city on my forest green steed lovingly named Emerald. My adoration for my bike goes so far that I have even named my creative business "Emerald and Ginger" after "her" and my explorations around the city together.
   My favorite part of the summer is the bike culture in this city. I love biking down to every single showing of the movies on the grass at Stanley Park and being part of that mass of people biking home together along the seawall after dark, singing along to show tunes from the films we just communally watched together. I also enjoy taking part in events such as the Bike Rave, and Naked Bike Ride, where massive groups of people come out and take over car driven roads.
   I have recently traveled around the UK and Europe for 2 and half months and really gained an appreciation for my hometown and the lower mainland. Not only is it very bike-able city, but it has a great community with tons of things to do on any day of the week.
  I am constantly biking, creating, and finding the sweet hidden gems that  Vancouver has to offer.
Thank you for your time and consideration,
   Britt MacDuff

Check out to watch the videos 
that they have already made for the project!

Keep on rocking Vancouver :)

Love Britt

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