Monday, April 7, 2014

What to see in England

Here's another traveling guide : 

This time we are going to explore my favorite places to see in England!

Highclere Castle

If you are a fan of the show Downton Abbey,
you would be enthused to see this location. 
Highclere Castle, in Highclere Park Newbury, 
is the film location of the ever so popular show.
They offer high tea, tours, and host an array of events.
We unfortunately were there in a filming period so we weren't able to see more
than the gate, but it will for sure be on our list for our next trek across the pond.


This was by far one of my favorite places in the country. 
We got to visit there on our first trek to the UK 3 years ago, 
and then again this last fall. 
The city is quaint, with white stone walls, a walkable downtown core,
and tons of history to boot.

Two must see's in the city are :

a.) The Roman Bath Museum - To learn about the history of the thermal baths

b.) A relaxing day at the multi-leveled Thermal Spa! (I recommend at least 2 hours!)


Check out a hockey night in one of the soccer capitals of the world!
Sounds silly, but catching a couple of these little home games really warmed my heart.
I also enjoyed the city for its vintage shopping, pub quiz nights at quaint old theatres,
and visiting the Manchester peoples history museum.


Home of the greatest band in the world...

Since they are my favorite band of all time,
seeing Liverpool was definitely on the top of my list of places to see.
We got to spend a day there the last time we were over, 
when we took a personal 3 hour tour of the Beatles sights, including :
Eleanor Rigby's grave, Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields, and their childhood homes.

This time I was staying a cheap train ride away from the city,
so I was able to make two day trips over there. 

One of the best things to see as a Beatles nerd,
was the Beatles Story Experience down on the Albert Docks (pictured below).
It was totally worth the money, 
as it takes you on a journey through the Beatles history chronologically,
and has even recreated the Cavern Club as it was in their hay day. 

I spent a week of my trip in the little town of Warrington, England
where honestly there wasn't a ton going on... 
BUT I was able to find a awesome live drawing class, 
and a Michael Jackson tribute band.

However, just outside of Warrington were two great sights :

1. ) The Chesire Zoo

2.) Lewis Carroll's Birthplace

 Another famous children's author's birthplace 
is just outside of London in Buckinghamshire.

Roald Dahl is one of my favorite authors,
and making my trek out to his hometown was a dream for me.

The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Center,
is not only a beautiful recreation of the life of his work, and inspiration for budding young artists.
But it also contains the actual writing hut that Roald Dahl created his works in.
Set up exactly as he had it in life. 
A short walk away from the museum is Roald Dahl's gravesite, 
with a couple of exciting mementos for Dahl fans. 


Brighton is also just a short jaunt away by train from London, 
and was a great reprieve from the bustle of the big city.

I came for the Pier, but also enjoyed some lovely teashops, 
shopping for vintage in the lanes, and art exhibits scattered around the small city.

From Brighton I took a train trip to Poole, England.
Which much like the city of Warrington,
 doesn't have much going for it.
I asked a young cashier whilst there if there was anything I should check out in Poole,
and she actually laughed at me and said 
"Why would you come here on vacation?"

Well there reason I did
was because Poole is the home of the original LUSH handmade cosmetics store.
Which still stands in the original location on High Street.

Having worked at a Lush in Canada for 4 years in my late teens,
I have a deep love for the products and wanted to geek out at the mecca store.

This England location is a little different from the rest, 
as my Mom and I visited here while we were staying in Glasgow, Scotland.

Lindisfarne, which is also known as the Holy Island,
is located up off the Northeast coast of England.

 Many still live on this historic Celtic Christian island, 
but it is still a major destination to many tourists who come to see the ruins of the old monastery 
and castle that give the little town its historic value. 

Note : You can only cross over to it when the tides are out, 
and make sure you time your trip correctly 
or you may get caught stranded on the little island.

Have fun exploring, Travelers! 
xoxoxo etc...

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