Sunday, August 19, 2012

Gathering My Thoughts

         With only a week left till my move, I'm slowly getting all my ducks in gear... purging stuff with a last minute swap, returning borrowed items to friends as well as gathering items from them, packing those last boxes of household items.... and then the other day I went to the post office to change my mailing address and halfway through the process (which would have cost me $45), I decided instead to do it the old fashioned way.... I don't receive much mail other than letters from loved ones, and I actually comprised it to a list of only two senders : 1.) My school Douglas College and 2.) Save the Children foundation to which I donate monthly. I don't even have any bills in my name at this point (and won't either in my new place until I decide to get internet). So it was just a matter of updating my address with both of those companies yesterday and then laying open my address book, and picking out those names to which I write letters to...

   The list put me at 16 names to which I picked out 16 unique postcards from my stash that I have collected from various places over the years... some were gifts where others I used to hang on my walls... I love these postcards and I love these people.... so I am sending them out with my new address in hopes that some mail love will come my way to my new apartment :)

    If you want to receive a postcard with my new address for some penpal love, just comment below... I am an excellent penpaller, just let me show you ;)

    Love Britt

p.s. Just wanted to say that in writing these postcards I managed to memorize my new mailing address (including the postal code!). What a great way to remember it! 

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