Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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       A little while ago I mentioned that I was embarking on a  new writing adventure, with a friend run paper called "The Filter". Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances in the two producers lives, the paper has been cancelled in only just after its first month of business. This has come as quite a shock to some of its contributors like myself, but c'est la vie life continues and gets better in time.

       As the paper was cancelled quite abruptly there were a couple of articles that got written but were never seen to print, and below I would like to share one with you that I wrote about my good friend Mr. Daniel Chai's Improv/Burlesque night called "Show us your Wits". Enjoy!

Show Us Your Wits

Its the last Tuesday of the month and that means that there is a whole ton of astounding talent being served up at Commercial Drive's Cafe Deux Soliel. The place is comfortably packed as always when I arrive and the nights host, funnyman and burlesque star Daniel Chai, flutters around the room as everyone takes their seats. The crowd is in for a treat tonight, beginning with a with the comedy stylings of local improv team “The Fictionals” and their comedian guest Brian Anderson. For a team that is constantly rotating between showcasing 5 out of their 15 members per show they run as quite the well oiled team. Performing a variety of classic short improv games similar to the show "Whose Line is it Anyways", they keep the show fresh and lively as they slip through sexual indeudos and imaginative storytelling.

The night is not all about comedy however, it is also about showcasing some of the cities hottest burlesque performers and more recently branching out into other beauties with uniquely mesmerizing talents. Tonight burlesque starlet Vanity Feral dazzled us with her flirty gazes and a whole lotta sexy shakes, baring it all for her adoring crowd who ate up every bit of her leopard print apparel and high energy act. Then the lights were turned down low and the music kicked up a stir as the multitalented Barbara Kozicki performed a seductive glow poi number for us. She has been practicing poi spinning for 13 years, which clearly showed through her well timed and tantalizing number that brought the night to an appropriate end. Show Us Your Wits is hosted the last Tuesday of every month for only a mere $5, but make sure you show up early to secure yourself a seat.

Thanks for reading!

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