Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hard Hitting Waves Of Change

 This week has been full of...
Moving boxes, a couch, my comfy bed, my truck full of plants,
my record player cabinet, and all the other 5 loads of material possessions 
I have acquired over the years... and somehow managed to fit them all into my tiny studio apartment.

Sneak peek photos :

I am starting to slowly but surely settle in...
I say this with caution however,
as I was pretty much fully unpacked on my first night,
but I have felt a certain unease about the place.

On the night of my second eve
I received a noise complaint from a neighbour,
and I right away turned off my music, 
seeing as it was 1 am and totally my fault,
and that it totally fine to ask me to quiet down.

However the next day I got an email from my landlord
telling me that tenants were complaining about my noise,
which seemed a little excessive as it was only one night of late night music makings...

If you know me,
you know that I freeze up when I get confronted with criticism,
and especially in a new situation...
so this has really affected me,
I can't relax
I can't play my music without worrying about it and
I don't even feel like I can have people over in more than 1 person at a time settings.

Also if you know me,
you also know that I am not a noisy person.
Yes I like to play music
and I like to sing in the bathtub...
but I am a great tenant and I don't feel like these new neighbours
have even given me a chance to show them how amazing I am...
And now frankly I don't feel like showing them...

I hope that this all blows over, as otherwise I am really loving the place,
but I want to be able to be me in a space,
and that means also being able to play my new Otis Redding record at a decent volume...
So I don't know how long I will be here.
Which sucks.
Big Time.

On to better news...

-School starts next week and I am excited about 
my 3 classes that I am taking 
this semester! 

-My friend Will from the UK is staying with me for a week,
so I get to play a tour guide in my own city, 
and show him all the behind the scenes perks of Vancouver

-I am going to my cousins wedding this weekend 
in Kamloops, which is a little frightening as I haven't seen
that side of my family in a long time
but I think it will still be a fun adventure

-Fringe festival starts this week! Can't wait to check out some
amazing and wacky shows!

- I bought a bodum and learned how to make coffee at home for the first time!
- I got a new haircut which I LOVE!
Its short short and even shorter than I have ever gone before 
(Photos to come!)

-Ive been taking the opportunity that I don't have the Internet at home
to check out some late night cafes near my place.
I am in love with the new 49th Parallel which is on 13th and Main st,
and it even has its own doughnut factory on premise which just makes it more awesome!


So as you can see there is a lot of amazing things going on right now
which I am trying to focus on and trying to put this whole 
apartment drama behind me.
Please send me good thoughts,
and let me know if you have ever dealt with a situation like this before.

Love Britt

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