Friday, April 1, 2011

Another day, another week, and i'm feeling fine!

Here's a quick recap of my week :

I went to an amazing show with my man,
at Nouvelle Nouvelle in Gastown.
This in itself is an interesting space,
as it is a hip clothing store turned
studio/concert space when it needs to be.
I only got to stay for the first three acts 
but they were everything I had hoped for.
Low tempo, ambient sound,
acoustic beats...
My idea of a good concert.
But alas I had other plans for the night 
and headed off to the Rio for a 
midnight showing for the Rocky Horror Picture show!

We had all the props except for two,
and managed to get front row seats, 
to avoid getting the backlash of all the toilet paper,
rice, water, confetti, toast, ex-cetra being thrown at us.
My sister and I, are pretty much Rocky Horror pros's by this point :)

After a lovely sleepover in my bed,
we awoke early the next morning and ventured
to the Winter Farmers market,
in search of plants and hummas!

Then I went home and rested before a long night at the debauchery
at the Work Less Party!
Good times are always to be had,
with intense dancing sessions, body painting, and a kink room to boot.
The night couldn't have gone better.

We ventured to Coquitlam for lunch with Nates folks

I really really love them!
Even when they started asking when
I was going to make some Grandbabies for them...
"All of our friends have grandchildren..."

A customer gave me free tickets to this movie
Which scared the crap out of me and my best friend Karina!
I ended up grabbing onto any part of her that I could,
usually her hand as a shield against the demons on screen,
and accidentally biting her hand...
So glad I didn't end up going alone,
or I might have had to walk out....

I went and saw the Burlesque and
Improv show that my friend Daniel Chai produces
which was amazing as always.
If you live in Vancouver,
here's the poster for the next one coming up in April.

Is fast becoming our
weekly board games date night at my house.
Even though I have so many exciting things going on in my week
this is probably the activity that I treasure the most!

We played the longest game of "Pirates of the Caribbean - Life" that I had ever encountered,
and drank rock creeks to our content into the night.

What is your favorite game?
What do you love to do?
What were your "roses" of the week?

Lots of love my lovely friends,
I'm off to go and check out some belly dancing
at the local Greek food restaurant with my man!

Love Nymph
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo etc...

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