Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shoulder Blade Renewal

My shoulder blade has been increasing its level of pain for the last 3 years...
I cannot recall the cause of this pain, 
but do recall always having a burning sensation 
under the blade for most of my adult life.

Twice a year it creeps up into my neck 
and causes it to stay rigid and sore for at least 2 days...
the first time was on my 21st birthday...

Two days ago was my first physiotherapy appointment,
where I went in to get my shoulder assessed and learn some moves to aid my renewal.
She ran her hands beside my spine and found my center of pain,
and the specific spot on my left side which burns the brightest.

Apparently there is a mountain of tension under there 
and a weakness that needs some work physically.
Years of built up aggression,
and carrying the burdens of the past.

Totally understandable...
I think I carry a lot of pain in my back, 
and not just stopping there, 
but in my whole body for that matter...
my weight,
my moods,
my confidence...
All carried with my on a day to day basis.

But lets just start with my back pain...
She recommended that I try IMS needles (Intermuscular Stimulation)
which go into the muscles in my back similar to Acupuncture
but the needles only stay in for 30 seconds and get moved around in the muscle
to cause little holes, where healing can occur.
So I agreed to do them if she thought it would help,
even though I am not really comfortable with the idea of needles 
(you would never tell by looking at me with my piercings and tattoos :P).

About halfway through the first set of needles,
I told her that I was feeling nauseous...
and then I needed to stop as I felt as though I was going to faint,
which is a pretty common feeling for me in situations like this.
So I sat up, had some water and then we agreed to continue on with my neck area.

About two needles in, I almost passed out again,
and had to stop the procedure all together as I couldn't see properly 
and had lost all colouring and blood from my face.

All yesterday the pain was intense.
I still went to work,
and whenever I had to turn and pick up peoples groceries,
I felt it immensely in my shoulder and back...
I went through the day in the foulest mood,
and couldn't shake the feeling that I was bringing up all these "pains" 
from the past. 

Finally the pain dulled, after I had a hot candlelit bath after work,
and then promptly had a nap for two hours in my towel.
And today the pain is back to its normal state, but a little more loose, 
which is very promising.

I have an appointment for more physio on the 10th,
and I think I will just go in more some basic massage and strength training,
and leave the needles for now.

Overall I am just glad that I am actually moving in the right direction
towards sorting out my shoulder injury,
as I have been carrying it for way too long.

Has anyone ever overcome any long term injuries like this?
Does anyone have any that they still need to work out?

Love Nymph


  1. Oh lady! I had this same kind of pain for about two years due to repetitive motions while smithing (hammers on metal....mostly). I started seeing a chiropractor and go for myofascial massages every now and again. When it hurts it hurts and it's horrible. When it's not hurting, life is bright.

    I take a hot bath every morning and every night, to help relax my neck and shoulders AND I invested a couple of thousand dollars in a hydraulic press so I don't have to beat the tar out of metal the old way, quite as often!

    Heal up!
    Feel bright!
    And I love the image in this post!

  2. oh no! i've been having really similar problems with my left shoulder and was looking into having it checked out as it's gotten pretty unbearable lately.

    i'm so sorry to hear that it's been an icky experience for you so far, though, but i'm glad it seems to be improving!

    do you find though that overall, the needles were any help? would acupuncture be beneficial on this case? or are massage and physio therapy probably the best bet?


  3. Plume and Melissa : Thanks lovely ladies, I am glad to hear I am not the only one going through this back pain, as it sometimes can feel like quite a solidary situation. I think I am going to try and have baths more often like I did in my LUSH days, and just continue on with the physio... I did find that the needles did work but I think I am going to see how far we can get without them, as it really was a process of emotion that I had to go through by using them...
    Thanks for your support and love ladies.