Thursday, April 28, 2011

Resolutions Renewed

 As I am starting on the spring cleaning of my home, heart, and body, I thought this would be a good time to look back on my New Years Resolutions and see what I have completed and what changes need to be made...

 -Continue to work out at the gym every day except Sundays (with exceptions for pain, crunched time, and holidays) 
      Well this one kinda fell by the wayside... I again am feeling unmotivated by the gym, as I can't imagine descending down into the depths of its dungeon layer, when it is getting to be so beautiful outside... so I instead plan on buying a new bike to continue my workouts.

-With that try to fit yoga back into my life again and create a new regime for myself 
      My physiotherapist Kat, whole heartily recommends that I work on this one, and now that I have moved around the furniture in my room to allow for me to do it at home, I think I am really going to focus on this goal (I'm also taking a class with the lovely Vanessa tomorrow)

-Take Vitamins daily (however insignificant this one may sound, its really important to note) 
        Trying to... and now that I am feeling a bit sick I will push myself a bit more...

-See an academic advisor at Douglas College to see how many courses I need to finish my degree
        Just need to get together with my friend Dave for me to work on this one... still not sure if I am going to go back to Douglas though....

-Try again to register for the Sign Language course at VCC for their Summer semester 
        I tried to but the course was Mon - Fri 9 -2 which would have made my life a living hell...

        HELLS YA I DID! And I will be going again next year :)

-Get up on the Vancouver Poetry Slam stage at least once this year 
        Still need to work on this one...

-Finish my travel scrapbooks (New Orleans and UK) before I venture on new trips around the globe (Mediterranean and San Fran) 
         Done and Done! And going to San Fran in two weeks!

-Get my hot air balloon tattoo! 
         YAY! Did this one too! But still deciding if I want to get colour on it

-Attend more classes : Sewing, Pottery... etc 
          Did a sewing class, and tried to start pottery but it didn't work with timing of trips...

-Attend more clubs : Books, Pen pal, Knitting... etc
           I've been having craft nights at my house regularly, started my own Female Empowerment Club (more on this later)

-Make more crafts : Bath Bombs, Wine, Blogging ;)... etc
           Ive been blogging more this year, and most doing more crafts in general which is so lovely. I totally blame it on the fact that I have a lovely craft area in my living room, which allows me to see on my on going projects!

For this summer I am looking to add the following goals:
-Start my Etsy shop
-Make business cards
-Ride a mechanical bull
-Ride in a hot air balloon (if I can find the money to)
-Go go kart racing
-Yarn Bomb
-Continue on with my lovely garden and with beautifying the back yard
(ie. painting the picnic table and the fire escape..)

What are your goals for the summer?
Have you worked on your resoultions?

Love Nymph


  1. to write more letters :$

    also, to get my own show going on CHLY, the campus/community station here. i've wanted to do this for years, and there's no reason why i shouldn't now that i'm here & have the time. i think they would accept it too...

    i agree with the yoga one too. i miss going to yoga! i also have a ton of space to do it in front of the window in my living room, so i have no excuse now not to try and fit it into my day

  2. That would be amazing if you got a show up and running! I would totally listen to it (could I listen to it from Vancouver?)....
    I wish you lived closer so we could do Yoga together, but maybe we can at least motivate each other to do it at home :)