Friday, July 6, 2012

100 KISSES GIVEAWAY! *Contest Closed!

Yahoo My Blog Turns 100 Posts Today!
And you get to benefit from that as much as I do ;)

First of all I send each and everyone reading this 100 kisses
for all their love, support, 
and kind words they share with me,
because without your constant inspiration in my life I could never have done this. 

Secondly as promised here is my giveaway for one lucky reader!
I teased to all the other day...
And now here is the final product!
You will receive :
- A pull apart Japanese cupcake eraser (from my work!) 
-A custom made Pippi Longstocking Pin (her getting into trouble baking of course!)
-A one of a kind homemade leaf brooch made completely from yours truly
(My brooch never leaves my summer jean jacket and gets a load of compliments,
Its really a gem piece to any outfit!)
(See I'm sporting it in this lovely outfit here!)

Now how to enter is probably your next question!
Please make sure that you are following my blog 
and then comment on the post below,
telling me all about your favorite things to do this summer!
And make sure to include your email address so I can contact you for your smail mail address :)

I will send the parcel anywhere in the world so please don't be shy about entering!
The contest closes first thing Tuesday morning! :) 

Much love, and good luck my friends
xoxoxoxo etc...

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