Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hot Air Balloon Rising

I have been feeling pretty low recently which I alluded to briefly in my post yesterday but I wanted to share a little more about my state...

In my group of friends I am more commonly known as the cheerfully optimistic one, who writes lighthearted blogs and who gets stopped by friends in the street and praised for writing inspiring Facebook status's... That's the Britt I know.

True there are times when I don't feel like this as everyone has their moments... but mine usually occur when I am spending too much time by myself and am afraid that I am not doing enough.
That's where my true insecurities reside, and its something I am hoping to address fully when venturing into living on my own.

As of lately though I have been feeling like staying in and not going anywhere, not really seeing anyone except for my closest friends (who feel like an extension of myself), or going into a situation where I don't really have to communicate with anyone.
It has been an inner digging if you will. Trying to find something there that I could cling to and not having to face anyone till I had found the treasure.

The treasure in fact was my happiness, and I had surprisingly lost it in the heat of the summer sun. Getting trapped into routines, and craving adventure and exercise with no motivation to do anything about it, I was stuck in myself.

I put it out there for my friends to see my inner workings and with the process of baring my soul for them, I in turn felt better, and continued to reach an acceptable feeling of self worth, with comments of encouragement and inspiration... The best part though was seeing that others were going through the same pain. The idea that I was not alone in this personal doubt and change of mood, encouraged me to see a light at the end of the tunnel and to respect the process that my body and mind was going through.

Since then, I have been feeling a lot better, making the necessary adjustments to my body and mind to keep on living a full and happy life.

Good pointers for keeping on this way of thinking :

- Starting the day off with some form of exercise to get my endorphins pumping - I did my first bikram yoga class in 2 years, this morning at 8am!
- Trying to do something new everyday! - I tried my hand at making granola last night, which turned out to be a lot easier than I thought it would be
- Keeping up with my blog writing - I find that it helps to keep my confidence up and my thoughts in order
- Crafting something every day!

Life will just keep on happening whether we want it to or not, so its best to just try and roll with the punches, even if that means sometimes listening to our bodies, waiting for the storm clouds to pass, and then safely letting our balloons rise up again,

  Love Britt

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