Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer

What a lovely couple of weeks :

Prom Themed Party at my sister and her man Chris's place

Followed by a Canada Day Fireman's Pancake Breakfast 
And out to Maple Ridge for a good friends 40th birthday,
where one of his friends bought 24 remote controlled helicopters for us grownups to play with
The weeks included...
-Dancing at 50's 60's sock hop
-Knitting and Quilting
-Long Bike Rides 
-Rainy farmers market trips
-Movies in the park ("Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures" and "Zoolander")
-Got a record player cabinet for free!!! 
-Attended a balloon themed movie night, with only one person I knew
-Soup Social with close friends

Where I got addicted to making fondue 
and since have made it for 3 different events 
and wowed my friends :)

Two Garage Sales :
One large one I attended and the next day my own :)
Where by playing cards, doing puzzles, seeing old friends, 
planning quilts, and meeting neighbours... 
I made $80 sitting on my front lawn in the sun!

Biked down to Granville Island and lazed in the sun with my love <3

And last but not least I got to FINALLY ride in a Hot Air Balloon...

Which obviously was amazing! <3

Its a good life :)
Love Britt

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