Monday, July 23, 2012

I can teach you how to...

- Make an origami paper crane
- Sew a quilt, knit a cardigan and write a pen pal letter
- Make someone feel like they are the only person in the room
- Make addictive oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, that taste like Terry's chocolate oranges
- Inspire others to make the time to be creative and follow their bliss
- Create an indoor picnic garden on a rainy afternoon
- Dance like you don't give a dam what others think, and just let the music guide your limbs
- Not eat meat for 3 years running, and not even think about wanting it anymore
- Shamelessly burp on command louder than anyone you know
- Take charge and help kick start various clubs with your friends because you see a joint interest
- Compost your kitchen wastes
- Feel more comfortable and beautiful in your birthday suit than in a bathing suit
- Reenact the fake orgasm scene from "When Harry Met Sally" in New York, at the same table that they filmed it... and get free cheesecake as an added bonus for doing it!
- Fall in love multiple times over
- Create a lovely space to live in that reflects ones inner self

I've been feeling a bit down lately so I thought this list would make me feel better, and allow me to see my talents in a time of darkness.

My self image has been taking a bit of a nose dive lately, so I decided to hit the gym this morning and sweat out m frustrations... and man did it ever feel amazing! I also jumped on the scale to find that even though I haven't been to the gym in 2 weeks and have been eating poorly I have remained the same weight and even lost 2 pounds! *phew* I love my walking paper route for that, and the summer weather where I have the motivation to bike everywhere.

In other news : I got the apartment I wanted!!! I signed the papers this weekend and will be moving in just before Sept 1st! It is a beautiful small studio apartment in a character house. It has a large kitchen, high ceilings, gas stove, and is all mine all mine. It is a miracle that I have found all of this for under $700 and I can't wait to put my Britt style all over it! (I've already picked out paint colors, and a new kettle for the stove!)

Stay tuned for more love in the future,
     Love Britt

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