Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Autumn Tidings

Have you been munching on Harvest inspired treats? 
Does this make you want to? 
It sure made me want to when I tried my friends rendition of this recipe last year!
Holy smokes is it ever amazing! 

And its even better when paired with the soup I made 
and posted about last week 
(I've remade it 3 times this week!),
and delecticable Pumpkin ice cream from this local company. 

Its the perfect Harvest inspired meal!
And perfect to devour whilst memorizing Dinosaur facts for the midterm I had today...

Other than attending school, work, yoga classes
(even a sword fighting class!)
and friendly hangouts,
my favorite passtimes over the last few weeks have been :

Obviously Cooking Any Chance I get!
I've started writing down all the recipes that have really been working
for me and so I can have something to look back on or pass down 
to my kids someday. Its been a fun project and inspires me 
to try out more and more new recipes :)


 I just finished my second cardigan and this time even made my own 

It was a long process but one that is totally worth it to complete something 
that you love and are so proud to wear!

Ive also been knitting a couple of lovely cowls lately,
but I won't post them just yet because I couple of birthdays are coming 
up and I don't want to wreck any surprises ;)

Well I hope you all are having an awesome Tuesday!
I am going to continue on with my homework 
and hopefully get some relaxing in after that crazy midterm
this morning! phew!

Love Britt
xoxoxoxo etc...



  1. Hi Britt,
    I was browsing google for good pumpkinéautumn recipes and I stumbled upon your beautiful blog! very cool blog and wonderful post! Thanks so much. Very nice sweater too!You are probably wondering who I am but I`m your friend Meghan`s sister! She is featured in a big article `Miss Chatelaine` in the november chatelaine magazine right now if you aren`t sure which Meghan I`m speaking of lol.

    cheers and I`ll continue to follow your great posts.

  2. Hey Mellie! Thanks for following my blog :) Its awesome that you are Meghan's sister as I remember her talking about you a bunch when we used to see more of each other :) I hope you enjoy my posts, and let me know how any of the recipes work out for you :)

  3. Thanks I tried the soup simply delicious! Your blog is great hope you and meghan can get together soon she misses you .