Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fairy Tale Art

Lately My Life Has Been Consumed With
Fairy Tales and Art
and Even Most Recently
Fairy Tale Art

Not only is my Children's Lit class studying Little Red Riding Hood,
but so is my Children's Illustrations class...
and if that wasn't enough,
I just got hooked on the show "Once Upon a Time"
and while making my Red Riding Hood paintings,
on came the Red Riding episode... 
I think its a sign
A sign of being in a good place in my life
and that everything that I am doing right now is leading me down
the right path.

 I feel like my creative spirit is flowing again! 
Its been years since I have really painted or drawn 
anything, and I now I am constantly creating new artworks,
and actually believing in my talents.

What is your favorite medium to work with?
So far I have just been exploring :
pencil crayon
water colours (and water colour pencil crayons)
acrylic paints
and various types of pens

Hopefully your creative juices are flowing too!
  Love Britt

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