Monday, October 29, 2012


Its Halloween week and the ghoulish tidings are all around....
my mailbox has been filling daily with tricks and treats 
(the sketch right above was made my by talented sister!)

I went out on Saturday night to the annual Halloween bash
at my sisters in Port Moody
 Our friend joined us on skype as she recently moved to Ontario for school
 My sisters poor cat Willy in his pirate costume

 My childhood friend Coral dressed as Princess Mononoke!
She made the entire costume herself and her boyfriend Scott
went as No Face from "Spirited Away!"
 My sister said I could apple bob,
and thought it would be funny to just give me my own apple :)

Then on Sunday night
we headed to the Halloween Ghost Train
at Stanley Park!
 It just happened to be... guess what?
Fairy Tale themed!
That's right!
Everything in my life revolves around it right now :)

Happy Halloween Lovelies! 

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