Monday, November 5, 2012

A Warmed House

The other night, I had my first housewarming of my lovely little apartment.
And it felt amazing!

 Since my apartment is very tiny
I chose to invite over only a small group of my friends (14 to be exact!)
for a potluck/soup social.

I really really do love my friends, 
and I love how even though I have introduced many of them from different 
walks of my life, they all seem to get along well together. 
I really pride myself on this fact,
and am proud of those I have chosen to associate myself with.
It took a while of not having a good friend network,
to really appreciate the one that I have now. 

We dined on my favorite sweet potato soup recipe,
harvest stuffed pumpkins, and all the lovely salads and casseroles pictured above.
Then when we were thoroughly stuffed, 
we remembered that we still had three kinds of pie to try 
as well as homemade cookies and mead. 

I am still eating the leftovers from the meal days later,
and feeling really warm in the heart and home.

Love Britt 
(p.s I also found out during the party that my "Having no real place to put my shoes" problem 
is only multiplied when I have a party and I need to put all my guest's shoes somewhere! 
Anyone have any space saver ideas?)


  1. congrats on the new apartment! best feeling in the world i know!

  2. a shoe idea