Friday, November 9, 2012

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

One of the biggest things I have been trying to work on since living on my own, is working towards reducing my ecological footprint.

I have over the years made the switch to...
- Composting all my kitchen wastes, including coffee grinds, toilet paper rolls, dead leaves, and leftover foods.
- Only purchasing Avalon milk, so that I can return the bottles for reuse and support a local farm
- Only doing my laundry once a week, and using my drying rack indoors when I can
- Taking out my tiny garbage only once a week (sometimes every two weeks!)
- Recycling every bit of paper I receive, as well as carrying a coffee mug with me where ever I go
- I tariff my jars and buy in bulk as much as possible 
- Not purchasing cling wrap, and only using containers for my leftovers as well as amazing beeswax covering's for my food from a wonderful local company called Abeego
- NOT TAKING PLASTIC BAGS - This is my big one, as I really loathe the amount of plastic bags that are being used (and furthermore not being reused) in the world. I carry one of my canvas bags with me everywhere, and if don't have one, I force myself to carry my purchase in my arms.
(Photo from The Soap Dispensary Website)

Another thing I have just started since moving into my new home is making use of a great store which is just up on Main St, called The Soap Dispensary. It is a wonderful little shop that allows you to bring in or purchase reusable containers to fill up you liquid and dry soaps. I went in the other day and got my jugs of laundry soap, and dish soap filled up as well as purchased some ecologically friendly dish scrubbers, all for a mere $20! This really warmed my heart! To be able to purchase local minimal impact cleaning products, at great price while being able to reuse old bottles! What more could you ask for.

Next time I go in I am going to try their bubble bath, which they will scent for you with essential oil blends, and also try one of their wooden toothbrushes :)

I urge everyone who reads this to think about their ecological footprint, and the small ways that they can change their practices everyday. It will make the world of difference :)

What do you do to help your environment?

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