Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bowen Island Magic

Last week Nate and I, went on a much needed 3 days getaway to Bowen Island
where we staying in a bed and breakfast (called the Island Thyme) 
for our 2 year anniversary!

(Me in my "Easter egg" flannel PJ's)

We had our private suite, with a full kitchen, sunroom dining area,
soaker tub, fireplace, massive king sized bed, 
and a whole wall of windows that overlooked the gorgeous moss garden 
and forest below us :)

I really couldn't have dreamt of a better trip for the two of us to take together...
We watched the hockey game in town with the locals 
(since the Canucks are playing in the finals for the Stanley Cup),
went on a 4 hour hike up the side of a mountain and back along the main road, 
unaware of which direction we were going, but having faith on our instincts to guide us home.

We spent a whole afternoon reading novels, 
teaching each other card games, 
and playing scrabble by candlelight.
It was only the second time I have ever beat him at Scrabble!

Nate made us breakfast each morning in our sunroom, 
and I got to make him coffee for the first time
(we don't live together and I don't drink coffee,
but I want to be able to do this simple task for him down the line when we do ;).

We practiced yoga together on the spacious studio floor, in front of the crackling fire,
and spent a whole afternoon reading on a grassy knoll in the sun.

We found out some exciting new whilst we were away! 
That our friends had, had a beautiful little baby girl, 
and that Nate had won me a lovely tote bag from our equally lovely blogger friend Jillian.

For our send off to Bowen, we dined at the gorgeous Tuscany Restaurant.
(which Nate kept reciting "Dining at the TuscANY, with BrittANY", very adorable).
There we had amazing smoked salmon pizza, 
and focaccia bread with feta and kalamata olives! Yum!

Our love grew 2 sizes this trip,
(and those who know us would know that's kinda imaginable).
 Our souls needed this sunset filled journey to the island, 
to laze under the stars and really see them twinkling above us.
To build fires, make meals, and play heart-filled games together with out the 
noise of a city clouding us over. 

We decided that we are not going to go 4 months without going back, 
or exploring another island (we might even go for Nates birthday next month!). 

And maybe someday if we are lucky (which we are),
we will even called an Island home :)

Hope you are enjoying your springs!
Love Britt

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  1. Wow, how glorious! I haven't spent time over on Bowen since I was a kid, but it sounds like just thing my honey and I need, and being just a ferry ride away it sounds perfect!