Sunday, June 12, 2011


It was very suiting that I was reading 
Elizabeth Gilbert's latest book
on my 2 year anniversary vacation.
The book takes place just where her bestselling 
"Eat, Pray, Love" 
left off, where she has met her Brazilian lover Felipe,
and you are left with the question,
"What next?"

Truth be told I was a little hesitant about reading
this book.
I loved Eat Pray Love a lot
and I didn't really want the sequel to ruin it.
But after hearing Ms. Gilbert,
talk about it in person,
I was eager to see what it was like.

At the starting of the book,
Felipe and Liz, are happily living in Philadelphia
together, but after continuously having Felipe
leave the country to comply with a 3 month maximum
visa restriction, he is taken into custody by the
U.S. Immigration Officials. 

Even though what they were doing was technically legal,
he was being held by homeland security, and not allowed back in the States.
The only way that they would be able to have their life back would be if,
they decided to get married, which is something that they had swore against doing again.

The book is then set during their journey backpacking across Southeast Asia,
where they are together until they get their papers in order to get married back in the states.
All the while Elizabeth, is learning from different cultures what it means to be married,
and studying the history of marriage itself.

The book is more or less a history of marriage,
than a sequel to Eat Pray Love,
which is in my opinion a better option for readers.
We still get the story of what happens to her and her to be husband,
without all the wishy washy forays into her love life.
We get to trade that for a history of love,
in its many accounts around the world.

I really enjoyed the book,
and promptly finished it on the trip.
And I hope that you consider checking it out, now that
you know that its not just know as the sequel to a bestselling novel,
but a whole other story on its own to be told :)

Love Nymph
p.s. What books have you been getting your kicks on

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