Monday, June 20, 2011

Cleansing from the Inside Out

Today is a day for cleansing!

I've spent the whole morning cleaning out every nook and cranny of my home,
starting with the kitchen, 
then making my way into the way ward craft corner (which had gotten a little out of hand),
and finally into my sanctuary of a room....

I've rid my self of even more clothes, books, and craft supplies, 
and started to prepare myself for my swap and garage sale next Sunday. 

Just when you think there is nothing more to get rid of you run your hands across 
an old dress that never fit you right, 
and poof!
Its in a pile of giveaways on the floor. 

I started really looking into my reasoning for this need to purge 
over the last couple of months and have come up with the following reasons :

1.) Searching for change:

Change has been a really big word for me in the last year,
as I have felt like I am on the cusp of something big.
With living on my own for almost a year now, 
comes the idea,
"What else can I do for myself?"
Which explains my inherent need to have an on going bucket list, 
(I just completed another one last weekend when I participated in the World Naked Bike Ride!)
and explains the constant search for signs of my purpose in life.

2.) Yearning to travel:

This one is kinda a no brainer.
The less stuff I have the more easier it is going to be if I want to uproot myself and travel.
Which is what I ultimately want to do...
even though sometimes I don't feel like I have the courage to really do on my own. 
I've never lived any where else 
and I would love to be able to do this for myself while I am still young.
Even if it is just taking baby steps for the time being,
like going on an over night trip to a cottage on the island by myself,
I think it is really important to start looking towards. 
(This song always runs through my head when thinking about this)

3.) Growing up:

A lot of the things I am getting rid of are things that I hold onto,
because I never really think to get rid of them.
Old clothes, cards, books, that I have mentally and physically outgrow,
but never really acknowledge as being not useful to me anymore. 
I couldn't believe how many things I had just held onto out of habit,
more than need or want.

It relates back to the fact that I am constantly wanting growth in my life
so I am searching even in my material possessions for things that are holding me back
from achieving that growth. 
Its a simpler path than looking into what holds me back emotionally,
but in reality both need some dusting.


Nate and I are also on day 1 of our 12 day cleanse today,
so I have been looking into how my body feels today,
eating healthier and much lighter than normal.

I'm also looking into trying to get more exercise into my daily life again,
but I am looking more into the idea of biking, yoga and dance classes, 
than my regular approach to exercise at the gym 
(although I think I am going to do some of that as well).

With the bike ride on Saturday for 3 hours, and dancing for 2 hours in the street yesterday,
for Commercial Drives Car free days,
I am off to a good start. 
And since its sunny now,
I think I am going to go and get a nice bike ride in before I make myself some cleanse
friendly foods for dinner. 

Hope you all had a great weekend, 
and that your gardens are growing triumphantly!

Love Nymph
xoxoxoxoxoxo etc...

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