Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Waking up in Spring

      If you know anything about Vancouver weather you would know why I keep saying "It looks like Spring is on its way", and then quickly having to retract that statement, for the simple reason that Vancouver weather is a tease.
       Warm days of "spring", quickly followed by April showers, is no way to start off the summer months. How is one supposed to dust off the depressing cobwebs of winter blues, without at least of week of straight up pure vitamin D.
        So instead of lazying on the beach or on a blanket on the warm grass of my backyard, I have opted to trying to spruce up the insides of my home to get it ready for the coming months...

- I've switched my bedding over to white floral linens and retired my brown flannel sheet covers to the closet for next fall
- Arranging a "Spring Cleaning : Stuff Swap and Boardgames party" for the end of June, and have commenced heavy duty purging from my closet, bookshelf and craft corner.
- Bought myself a breathtakingly floral bouquet of Lilies for beside my bed, so as to wake up into the smell of spring
- Finished my Journal and started a new one, complete with a revised version of goals for this upcoming summer

        What are you doing to start off your spring season on the right foot?

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