Wednesday, March 23, 2011


What a wonderful word!

I hope you all have been having a wonderful week in this lovely early Spring season,
going for walks to smell the flowers and fresh herbs,
and biking in cute a-line skirts. 

I have been making merry with crafts this week and  I just wanted to share a few with you!

My sister hosted a lovely belated St. Patty's Day Party 
at her home last Saturday, with tequila shots, mystery green drinks,
spanikopita, and SOCK PUPPETS!

We brought out all the supplies and got to work!
There was a Japanese sock puppet in a Kimono,
a Wizard equipped with a wand,
a Jewish ginger raver sock puppet,
 and well.. just mine who didn't fall in any category, 
just like me :)
(My sister dressed up this photo of us)

I had a wonderfully successful crafting night with a bouquet of lovely ladies (and 2 men) last night.
An easel was set up in the corner,
 used shirts were being cut into long strips and turned into "yarn" to knit with,
hemp necklace skills were being taught on the couch,
water colors were being brushed on canvas's,
embroidery thread being woven through bookmarks, 
and letters being written to far off loved ones.

I was overjoyed with happiness!

I got these awesome blank postcard canvas's for Christmas from my love, 
and got to paint this awesome picture for my best friend who is in Japan right now!
She is totally a Godzilla! RAWR!

The other thing that I got to make last night was this 
gorgeous cuff out of some material that I inherited.
I am very proud of it and wore it with my cute tights and similar styled vintage skirt find.

Feel free to tell me about any lovely crafts you made this week,
or any recipes you tried out, as I love to hear about all of you out there in blog land :)

Love Nymph
p.s. Teacup and Plume : I received both of your lovely snail mail treasures yesterday,
and I just wanted to thank you both very much, and let you know
that you should expect something in return soon!

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