Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yet another lovely week in the life

Seems to me that I might only have time for one blog update a week at this point... and I am perfectly fine with that. Life seems to be going by really quickly and I am having trouble fitting in all the lovely things I want to take part in and all the beautiful people I want to see, let alone write about it...

Here's what I was able to accomplish this week :

I went to a lovely Shrove Tuesday/ Breakfast for Dinner Party 
at my lovely friends Lauren and Lindsay's humble abode!

There was blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes,
peach and apricot preserves,
and copious amounts of bacon to be had!
(Luckily I brought some veggie links for myself or 
I would have gone over the deep end with bacon cravings :))

I had a pizza dinner date with my man 
which ended with a lovely couple of rounds of 
cranium with my roommates!

I had my manager Jeff's last day at work... :(

That's my old manager Jeff on the left and my new manager Jeff on the right :) 
I love how they get along so well :)

 Most of my lovely coworkers!

 Even the vegans got to eat cake :P
(They are starting their own trip vlog here!)
Don't you wish you worked with me :)

I also went to an epic pajama housewarming
party for my friends Ray and Chris!

Suffice it to say, I woke up with the worst hangover of my life the next morning...

And I still managed to roll my ass out of bed (with the time change and all)
to make my way to Port Moody for a Pinup cupcake photo shoot!
(More photos from that to come soon!)

Above all I adored all the lovely girl dates I had this week, 
as I really believe it was the link I had been missing lately in my life.
Coffee and deserts,
walks by the water,
crafting clubs,
Ladies really know where its at ;)

Hope you all have an amazing rest of your week 
and create something beautiful in your spare time,

Love Nymph

p.s. I'm going to go an clean up the huge mess that is my room, 
before my man comes over for our Scrabble and Nachos date soon :)