Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hong Kong Project!

Hey lovely friends out there in blog land and real life,

   I would love to tell you about an adventure that my lovely blog friend Erika is about to depart on!
Erika Lee Sears is an artist and blogger from Portland, Oregon (amazing place!), who is raising money to embark on a Artists Residency to Hong Kong for the duration of two weeks. The idea is that by taking herself out of her familiar everyday life, she is isolating herself from the norm, and bound to create a interesting tale of her adventures through art.
    At the end of the two weeks she will put together a coffee table book of her art work from the trip, which will furthur her portfolio and aid in her artistic carreer.
    Even though I don't know this woman very much, her story speaks to me, as she has really took a step in the right direction by deciding to follow her dreams and learn by the aid of extrodinary experiences to do so. She is a full time artist, who has quit her job in the corporate world about a year ago, to make her visions of a future become a reality.
     In order for her to begin this journey she is raising pledges to help make the trip easier for her to manage, so if you have any loose cash burning a hole in your piggy bank or know of any friends who do, please look no further than this amazing person! *She also has awesome prizes the more you donate!
     Here's her website if you would like to check her out yourself, with an awesome video about the project! Hope you can spread the word, and help get her an amazing experience she'll never forget! :)

  Love from your Nymph <3

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