Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On the verge of raindrops....

Today the rain clouds found it hard to keep their tears from falling fast.
With an array of storm clouds covering our fair spring sun today,
I thought it would be best to look on the bright side,
and at the things that make me hopelessly blissful...

I received a letter a day so far this week,
one filled with confetti and cut outs of cute cats,
and another a postcard from a girl with a knack for beauty and crafts.
Ive said it before and i'll say it again
There is nothing better than the written word

Craft Nights
After my craft night last week, 
and seeing all the wonderful things my beautiful friends are capable of. 
My crafty senses have been buzzing up a mad fever.
I am currently working on a embroidered bookmark for a friend,
and a makeshift knitting project for a photo shoot next Sunday
(both I will post pictures of afterwards!)

Reading in Cafes
On any given day of the week,
a quiet cafe and a good book,
may be the only cure I need to banish the blues.
It triples when I combine that with 
a sewing project and a great london fog.

That first rush when a green seedling bursts from the earth,
and screams
"Good Morning Sunshine!
I'm here, Look at me!" 
My garden is calling my name but requires a 
semi sunny day to start work
Today obviously is far from that,
but still necessary in the growing process :)

Art Galleries
I used to volunteer at the Vancouver Art Gallery 
so the space feels like a second home to me.
Wandering through their open spaces,
and sharing thoughts with either journals or friends,
is high up there on my list of loves. 

The last on the list but possibly my first adoration of them all.
This is the perfect rainy day activity, 
and is actually what I have planned for tonight, with my man,
roommates and friends. 
What are your favorite board games?
Does it make your toes curl in excitement when I mention,
spending the night at home in front of a roaring fire, 
with loved ones and the game of Life?

I hope where ever you are
rain or shine
your night finds you happy.

Love Nymph

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  1. So happy.
    About to slide into a hot bath and read a book for the rest of the evening.